16 May 2024

Best Wedding Gifts: 10 Traditional Japanese Items to Delight Every Couple

What are the best wedding gifts? Something new and exciting for the recipient, something unique or distinct from others, and something with a sense of style. Whether it is a dear friend or a colleague at work, you want to give a wonderful wedding gift that will be appreciated.

To make the best gift, why not give something uniquely Japanese? We have carefully selected sophisticated Japanese products that will make couples’ time more enjoyable and fulfilling. All items are easy to use and fit in with the culture of any country. We hope you will find them useful in selecting a gift for your wedding celebration.


  • For Meal Time
  • For Sake Time
  • For Tea Time
  • For Relaxing Time

For Meal Time

Issou Wedding Gift Set of Two Pairs of Chopsticks

This beautiful set features two pairs of chopsticks in a soft, pearly shade, each accompanied by a chopstick rest adorned with a charming wedding ring design. In Japanese culture, chopsticks are seen as a representation of marriage bonds, embodying the act of mutual support, and shared meals.

The set comes housed in a festive paulownia wood box decorated with an adorable illustration of the happy couple. Inside, the cardboard lining features a traditional mizuhiki “knot” and heart motifs, adding to the celebratory atmosphere and creating a truly perfect gift.

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SAKURA Yamanaka Lacquerware Miso Soup Bowl

This exquisite Japanese soup bowl embodies the beauty of traditional craftsmanship. Layers of black and red lacquer are meticulously applied, then carefully polished to create a stunning contrast that reveals the underlying color beneath. The cherry blossom motif is a treasured symbol of inner beauty, elegance and refinement in Japan.

Perfect for savoring hot dishes like miso soup, stews, and a variety of other culinary delights, this soup bowl is sure to elevate couples’ dining experience.

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Seikou Kiln Traditional Pattern Kutani Coaster

These coasters showcase a vibrant collection of motifs, such as ko-Kutani, Japanese patterns, and ukiyoe. They are meticulously hand-painted using traditional Japanese pigments, known as wa-enogu, resulting in a stunningly glossy finish that exudes elegance and sophistication. Convenient to use and store, they are ideal for everyday meals or hosting gatherings.

Imagine couples choosing coasters to match their mood of the day or using them to add a splash of color to the dining table when entertaining guests. These coasters are sure to be a conversation starter and a cherished addition to their houses.

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Baizan Kiln Arabesque Tobe Round Plate

This circular plate showcases an arabesque design, a hallmark motif of Tobe ware. The hand-painted patterns, inspired by nature, exude warmth. It's an ideal size for serving various side dishes like salads, appetizers, sushi, and tempura.

Newly married couples often lack kitchenware as they embark on a new life together. A large serving plate would be a practical and perfect gift for couples who enjoy cooking.

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For Sake Time

Hirota Weeping Cherry Edo Kiriko Tumbler Pair

These two tumblers feature cherry blossoms, meticulously carved using the Edo Hanakiriko techniques. The pale pink hue of the tumblers is designed to evoke a sense of charm and elegance, making them ideal for daily use. The lovely reflection they create on the table adds an extra touch of visual delight.

Their sizes are perfect for serving a variety of beverages such as sake, beer, wine, iced tea, or parfait. As a pair, they make an excellent choice as a wedding gift.

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Ginsai Blue Kutani Sake Set with Tray

The unique texture of the stoneware is perfectly complemented by the shimmering application of ginsai, a Kutani ware technique that adorns the surface with delicate silver leaf. The smoothness of stoneware harmonizes with the sake's intricate balance of rich and delicate tastes.

For sake-loving couples, this set creates an authentic Japanese atmosphere in the comfort of their houses. It adds a touch of elegance and tradition, making any special occasion even more memorable.

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For Tea Time

Flower Dance Kutani Japanese Teapot Set

This exquisite Japanese teapot set features delicate hand-painted cherry blossoms and drifting petals, evoking the gentle breeze of spring. Adorned in soft hues and accented with touches of gold leaf, it showcases the signature style of Kutani ware.

With this charming teapot as a gift, couples can cherish their daily tea time as a special moment of togetherness.

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Hozan Kiln Hidasuki Bizen Ware Teacup Pair

These tea cups feature a unique hidasuki pattern created by the intense heat of the kiln. The textures are delightfully rough, and the colors and patterns display a beautiful interaction. The vibrant contrast of these colors is a hallmark of Bizen ware, and each firing produces entirely unique results.

Delivered in a beautiful wooden box, the tea cups make a thoughtful and unforgettable gift for someone special.

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For Relaxing Time

Sakura and Autumn Leaves Kutani Vase with Stand

This stunning vase boasts a deep emerald green background adorned with delicate cherry blossoms and autumn leaves. The design captures an "imaginary season" where these contrasting elements coexist, making it a versatile piece for any time of year.

Couples will add beauty and festivity to their home by filling it with their favorite blooms throughout the seasons.

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Hataman Touen Iro-Nabeshima Long Wind Bell 

Wind bell serves as a cooling element during the sweltering summer season. This exquisite bell features a captivating morning glory motif, delicately rendered in the Iro-Nabeshima style upon a canvas of pristine white porcelain. Not only does wind bell provide a refreshing visual appeal, but it also doubles as stylish interior decor.

This can be displayed at the entrance of couples’ houses or on a balcony to create a summery atmosphere.

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There are various approaches to choosing a wedding gift, but above all, what matters most is the sincere intention of the giver. With heartfelt wishes for the newlyweds' new journey and a happy future, select a special gift filled with love.

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