Table Setting #1 Sakura Party with Japanese Style Lunch!

How about celebrating the arrival of spring with this table setting? The cherry blossom season is very much loved in Japan. Adding cherry blossom motifs to your table, such as cherry blossom bowls and chopstick rests, will create a spring-feel table setting that will make your guest feel warm and welcomed. The clean, white ceramic design of Tobe ware gives a refreshing impression. It goes well with all kinds of food, so it is recommended for both everyday and special occasions.

You can enjoy two side dishes in one small dish with this Tobe ware plate. It may also be perfect for putting two different sauces.

The small Tobe bowl for serving side dishes. One of the characteristics of Japanese food is to use many small plates and to serve a variety of side dishes.

I think anyone would be happy to have such a cute chopstick rest on their dining table.When you put five together, they form the shape of a cherry blossom, which makes it a great gift to bring joy to that person you love.