Table Setting #117
Hinamatsuri Tea Party

"Hinamatsuri" is a traditional festival observed on March 3 and is a day to honor and wish for the healthy growth and happiness of young girls. Fun and cheery celebrations begin from early February with decorative dolls displayed in households. 
Have a tea party with a Hinamatsuri theme with pink and bright happy colors.  


  • Celebrating Hinamatsuri
  • Festive Arita Ware Plates
  • Pretty Pastels 
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Key points of this table setting

1.  Celebrating Hinamatsuri   

Hinamatsuri (also known as the "Peach Blossom Festival") is a seasonal festivity that finds its beginning in the early Edo period (1603-1867). It became customary amongst all people to celebrate Hinamatsuri as a festival for girls and to set up beautiful dolls called "Hina dolls" as guardians for the young girls. The actual date of Hinamatsuri is March 3, but many people begin enjoying the happy vibes of this cheerful tradition from early February.

The standing Hina dolls made of wood, and the graceful branches of red and white plum blossoms partner well with the soft colors on the table and help set the theme of the table setting.

2. Festive Arita Ware Plates

The main plate and side plates used for the confectionaries are very unique and finely crafted items from Arita Porcelain Lab's ASTEROID Series. On white porcelain, auspicious designs enclosed in small circles adorn the surface of the plate. The patterns on the plate symbolize prosperity, longevity, and peace, all very fitting for this happy tabletop. The square shape gives it the versatility to beautifully plate Japanese cuisine as well as cuisines of other differing countries. Perfect as a gift to celebrate special occasions. 

3. Pretty Pastels    

Soft pastel hues are the main colors for our festive table. The soft pink colors of the sweets, the matte white of the teapot, and the soft blue of the tea cups with the gold placemat subtly introduce color on to the table. 

Add another fun event to your calendar to enjoy tea and sweets with festive and graceful Arita ware tableware items.  

Featured items

Arita Porcelain Lab ASTEROID Series

The asteroid design is a modern reinterpretation of a traditional design that has been depicted on porcelain for over 400 years. This item was produced through a collaboration between the Rebirth Project, an organization that conducts a variety of social contribution activities, and Arita Porcelain Lab. This artwork was constructed using transfer papers, some of which are no longer in production and no longer used. These sheets were carefully cut out in rounded shapes and arranged together to create an image of an asteroid.

View Arita Porcelain Lab ASTEROID Series