Table Setting #120
Brunch with Mino Ware in Turkish Blue    

Brunch, although not an authentically Japanese culinary practice, is widely enjoyed in many households and restaurants in Japan as well. What's not to like about a leisurely brunch after sleeping in late on a sunny weekend? 
Let authentic Mino ware items heighten your brunch occasion with their comforting texture and beautiful color. 


  • Mino ware in Turkish Blue 
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Points of This Table Setting

1.  Mino ware in Turkish Blue

The main items on the table are Hibino Summum tableware from Hibino Ceramic. Their distinctive Turkish blue color can be matched with any culinary occasion, whether it be for an authentic Japanese meal or for a dining occasion with other various menus. 

Mixing the rustic texture of Mino ware with the transparency of glassware results in an appearance that is both bright and lively. Give space when setting plates with distinctive colors onto the table to evenly balance out the color within the tablescape. 

Tall branches with white flowers like spirea with artfully curved branches and cotton-like soft white flowers can gently complement the bright hues of plates and bowls.

2. Plating Brunch 

Delicious French toast is imbued with the Turkish blue of these Mino ware plates. The brown edges add a hint of rustic charm for a comforting late morning meal. The main plate is big enough to hold a thick slice of French toast sprinkled with matcha powder with cute trimmings of cookies, fruit and whip cream. 

The glass bowl coupled with the plate from Hirota Glass for the yogurt lightens the stoneware and decorates the table with cute small patterns.

The large Mino ware bowl with a diameter of 21cm (8.2in) is just the right size for a salad for two. The green color of the salad leaves and the red of the strawberries are given a brighter shade against the beautiful Turkish blue sides of the bowl. 

Give yourself an energizing boost with this scrumptious brunch or surprise a family member on a special day with this beautifully prepared brunch table setting. When warmer weather comes upon us, let Hibino Summum tableware assist you in setting the table for your next fun-brunch occasion. 

Featured Items

Hibino Summum Series

The Summum series from Hibino Ceramic brings together a modern sensibility to the warmth of stoneware. The vibrant Turkish matte glaze with the unglazed soft brown rim enhances the texture of Mino ware. Plates and bowls from the Summum series are ideal to serve both Japanese and Western dishes with style. Tableware from Hibino Ceramic have earned a reputation of excellence among culinary professionals in Japan, and the Summon series is no different. With their vivid hues and attractive design, they offer a beautiful canvas for all types of cuisines with practicality.

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