Table Setting #129
Cool Impressions with Celadon

With the kind rays of the sun casting upon the table and a pleasant breeze bringing a welcoming warmth, celadon plates featuring delightful little fish can transform your dining room into an elegant oasis for the upcoming warm weather. 

Create an inviting tabletop to welcome a new season and enjoy a pleasant Japanese meal that will leave you feeling joyful and relaxed.


  • Cool and Refreshing
  • Bamboo Motif
  • Small Helpers on the Table
  • Featured Items

Key points of this table setting

1. Cool and Refreshing 

The beautiful items from Kosen Kiln give the table a stunning and tasteful look with tiny Medaka rice fish swimming on the soothing blue color of celadon. Lighter colors match beautifully with the lightness in the air following the arrival of comfortable weather. 

A straw table runner adds a touch of authenticity as straw blinds were hung from the eaves of a roof during summer in old Japanese houses. Glassware items are wonderful items to use when setting the table with a refreshing atmosphere. The fish bowl is a special item we prepared for some added charm, color and movement on the table.   

The lifelike Medaka rice fishes on the tableware items from Kosen Kiln will leave you astonished, as the little fishes really appear to be swimming in water. Each fish is carefully painted by craftsmen using brushes of varying sizes for intricate detailing to give the fish a realistic appearance.

For the main course, we plated a generous serving of sea bream sashimi decorated with green Japanese maple leaves, small twigs of perilla flowers, sliced myoga (Japanese ginger) and a "Yukinoshita" leaf, an edible leaf used for garnish in early summer. The fresh green colors give an accent to the soft tones on the table as do the lacey rims of the plate. 
The soy sauce is served in the matching small plate made in the shape of a Japanese maple leaf. 

2. Bamboo Motif

Bamboo is a spring motif but can also be incorporated for settings in warmer weather. The vibrant green hues of young bamboo and the lightness of its texture are fitting for summer months. 

The bamboo motif sake set made by Hirota Glass goes very well with the celadon plates and also nicely gives height to the setting. Transparent glass is layered in a specific pattern to produce a tranquil green hue, reminiscent of bamboo. The layered glass beautifully recreates the artful shapes of the nodes of a bamboo tree and captures its natural beauty.

The Yamachiku chopsticks made from white bamboo placed on the bamboo leaf chopstick rest from Hutlery are subtle bamboo motif items on the table. The chopsticks are exquisitely decorated with elegant patterns carved into the outer layer of white bamboo.

3. Small Helpers on the Table

One of the unique elements of Japanese cuisine is its abundance of small-portioned food items on the table during a meal. Some are served as side dishes as part of the meal, some as food to nibble on while drinking sake and some are condiments to use for sashimi or noodles. 
And this is where small Japanese sauce plates can be incredibly helpful!

The condiments for the sashimi are delicately plated on the Hasami ware double-chrysanthemum small plate.

Soy sauce can be stylishly served with this sauce plate from Kosen Kiln.

Although not a plate, small sake cups are useful when serving a petite-sized appetizer.

As the summer season approaches, why not give yourself a head-start in the preparation for the upcoming months? Mark the season on your table with some exquisite Imari Nabeshima ware produced with meticulous craftsmanship. These celadon plates from Kosen Kiln will create a memorable and eye-catching table setting perfect for summer.  

Featured Items

Kosen Kiln Medaka Rice Fish Series

The jade-like hue of these pieces of celadon ware are undeniably captivating. Through its transparent texture, one can imagine being encompassed by the tranquil image of a glistening body of water. The artwork itself is realistic and delicately painted, depicting the graceful figure of Medaka rice fish in motion.

View Kosen Kiln Medaka Rice Fish Series