Table Setting #141
Celebrate Summer with a Japanese Festival Party! 

An enchanting, vibrant atmosphere pervades as paper lanterns sprinkle colors across a fun and enticing summer table. Make a party extraordinary by bringing the joyful spirit of a Japanese festival, called "Omatsuri" in Japanese, into your dining room for a fun-filled party!

Dress up in yukatas (Japanese summer kimonos) and spend a delightful summer evening with a meal plated on festive and decorative tableware. For a friendly summer celebration, try out our delightful table design showcasing fun and playful elements sure to bring joy to both grown-ups and kids alike!  


  • An "Omatsuri" House Party
  • For the Kids
  • For the Grown-Ups
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Key points of this table setting

1. An "Omatsuri" House Party   

Japanese summers entail joyful events such as fireworks and local festivals commonly known as  "Omatsuri." And nothing quite beats the experience of going to a summer omatsuri. Today, we brought the fun of an omatsuri to our table with this merry and playful setting. 

Unified by a base color of navy, the table is generously adorned with Kutani ware and Arita ware, boasting beautiful hand painted designs, and Mino ware, celebrated for its stunning forms. The fun and hustle-bustle of the festival are sprinkled across this expansive table with the randomly placed tableware and decorative items.

It's the perfect occasion to use these Kutani ware plates decorated with the bold prints of Hokusai. A delightful scene is set with a backdrop of azure skies that perfectly complement the blue tablecloth. A Japanese omatsuri would not be complete without the traditional favorites of yakisoba and takoyaki.

To ensure everyone at the table has equal access, place small plates and chopsticks of various sizes in the corner of the table. This way, everyone can easily find what they need.

Use stylish plates as this rectangular plate from Hibino to add a brush of sophisticated color and definition to the table. Yakitori and sausages are all-time favorites at a Japanese omatsuri. 

2. For the Kids

Kids will have a great time at this table packed with fun ideas and yummy surprises. 
Help them make their very own "kakigori," Japanese shaved ice. Shaving ice right on the table is indeed a special treat for the little ones. The fruit sticks in a beautiful Arita ware wine cooler is an eye-catcher on the table that adds vivid color and height. 

"Ramune" is the name of this bubbly beverage and is Japan's take on carbonated drinks served in the classic Codd neck bottle. With its nostalgic design and cotton-candish sweetness, It remains a favorite at Japanese omatsuri stalls. See the fizzy "pop" when the marble drops into the bottle!

3.  For the Grown-Ups

The fun of this entertaining celebration is not just for the kids, but for adults, too! While the little ones are off enjoying candy apples and games, the grown-ups can find delight in savoring drinks in a classy manner.

Hailing from Kagawa Prefecture in Japan,  lacquerware from Sinra are known for their top-notch craftsmanship and modern designs. Imbuing each drink with a hint of luxury, these delicate pieces add an extra touch of elegance to the occasion.

Whisky enthusiasts will certainly appreciate this Edo Kiriko rocks glass as the graceful patterns on the glass amplify the warm hue of whisky.

Enhance the look of your table with a serving of Japanese tea in Taisho Roman Edo Glass cups. With their traditional patterns, these glasses lend an authentic air to your gathering while delicately adorning the area.

Try an omatsuri celebration with this merry tabletop and bring a bit of Japanese summer fun into your home. Carefully chosen table items and decorations can create an atmosphere that will transport your guests to the heart of a festival. There is a bit of fun for everyone to enjoy as your guests take in their colorful surroundings.

Featured Items

Kutani Ware

Kutani ware is pottery produced in the Kaga region of Ishikawa Prefecture with a history of over 350 years. It is characterized by the heavy brilliance of the five colors of green, yellow, red, purple, and navy blue that are applied to the bold and daring lines. Its long history has evolved through the tireless efforts and enthusiasm of people who have sought innovation while maintaining tradition.

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