Table Setting #150
The Charm of a Japanese Tea Room at Your Table

Inviting a few friends over to enjoy Japanese tea and sweets can be made into an extra special experience with this table setting that balances traditional charm with contemporary aesthetics.

Up the style factor of your table decor with mini tatami mats for each guest at the table. These dainty placemats will add color and texture to your gathering, while providing function at the same time. See how the authenticity of a tatami mat can be matched with modern sweet colors to decorate a table for a joyful tea party. 


  • Recreating A Japanese Tea Room 
  • The Mini Tatami Mat Experience
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Key points of this table setting

1. Recreating A Japanese Tea Room 

With a Mini Tatami Mat from Matsuba Tatami, you can enjoy the lovely ambiance of a Japanese-style tea room right at your dinner table with ease! These mats will be an eye-catching item at a tea party, captivating the attention of your guests with their presence. Serving as personalized trays, they provide the perfect platform for drinkware, matcha bowls, and small plates. The neutral tones of the mat and traditional patterns on the rims evoke a sense of tranquility and cultural richness, enhancing the overall ambiance of the tabletop.

The black Tokoname teapot set creates a visually pleasing focal point to the table. It brings together the soft, light colors, making sure the decor does not become overly cute.

Complementing these mini tatami placemats are stackable porcelain bento boxes in gentle pastel shades. While one Jubako bento box offers enough plates and bowls to serve sweets for four, one more will allow for usage as an elegant vessel for floral decorations. The blooms afloat in the bowls infuse the tabletop with their naturally vibrant hues, adding another layer of charm to your tea party setting.

2. The Mini Tatami Mat Experience

For those who find the aesthetic of a traditional Japanese tatami-floor room relaxing and appealing, Mini Tatami Mats from Matsuba Tatami are an easy way to bring a touch of that magical allure to your own dining table. 

Featuring a woven washi paper surface which resembles the texture of authentic tatami mats, these stylish placemats can be placed on any dining table. In addition to their authentic design, they are also water-repellent meaning that simple wiping can take care of any spilled drinks or food quickly with ease. 

These placemats come in a variety of decorated ribbons called "tatami-beri" that adorn the edge of the mats. All are designed in classic patterns that highlight the woven texture of the mats.  

This mat also comes in a chic black which is quite unique for a tatami mat. The stylish dark hue offers a contemporary twist on the traditional design, effortlessly bridging the gap between classic and modern aesthetics.

This color can also offer a wonderful backdrop for serving cold sake and delicacies on a special evening dedicated to the enjoyment of Japanese sake.

By adding a touch of Japanese tradition to your table setting, you can create an incredible space for friends and family to enjoy. The mini tatami mats provide the perfect base for stylish harmony when combined alongside unique pastel Arita ware Jubako boxes and Tokoname stoneware in deep earth colors.

Featured Items

Matsuba Tatami Mini Tatami Mats

Founded in 1977, the current owner, Sakae Matsuba, trained intensively for five years at a well-established tatami shop in Shizuoka City before setting up his own business in Yaizu City. In order to convey the comfort of tatami, a traditional component of Japanese culture, he creates everyday goods and interior products. He employs "Igusa" (Japanese rush) and washi paper for the woven section of tatami and a fabric woven in traditional patterns known as a "tatami-beri" (tatami ribbon) to adorn the edges of tatami mats.

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