Table Setting #156
Harvest Elegance: An Autumnal Affair with a Japanese Flair   

The season of harvest calls for gatherings that delight the palate and celebrate its abundance. And what better way to showcase the beauty and flavors of autumn than a table setting that marries the season's bounty with traditional Japanese elegance?

Enjoy our fall tablescape that blends the radiant glow of Akae Kutani ware, the deep sheen of lacquerware, and the warm charm of Arita ware bowls accented with touches of autumn foliage.


  • Autumnal Ambience
  • Chawanmushi: A Treasure Bowl of Fall Delicacies 
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Key points of this table setting

1. Autumnal Ambience

We captured the essence of fall using tableware items in its characteristic shapes and colors.

Akae Kutani ware, distinguished by its vibrant red, which mirrors the splendor of autumn leaves in their prime. More than just ceramics, these pieces offer intricate paintings, reflecting landscapes and narratives, setting the tone for an intimate autumn dinner.

Japanese lacquerware, with its profound depth and luminous sheen, creates a magnificent backdrop for the delicate flavors of autumn. Grilled salmon, stewed pumpkin, and roasted ginkgo nuts are accentuated against its deep black canvas. The ginkgo leaf shape is, without a doubt, aptly suited for this fall meal.

To infuse a subtle yet distinctly Japanese essence into our table setting, we've introduced chopstick rests adorned with intricate maple leaf motifs. These not only fulfill a practical function but also serve to accentuate the theme, culminating in a harmonious autumn dining experience.

2. Chawanmushi: A Treasure Bowl of Fall Delicacies

The savory taste of Chawanmushi is unparalleled in autumn. Enriched with the savory essence of shiitake mushrooms and the aromatic notes of ginkgo nuts, this Japanese steamed egg custard emerges as a beloved seasonal delight. However, it's not just the dish itself that elevates the experience; it's also the vessel it's served in—an exquisite Arita ware bowl crafted by Tasei Kiln.

Each adorned with traditional patterns and designs, they exude a cozy authenticity. As this dish graces autumn tables, the craftsmanship of Tasei Kiln turns every bite into a celebration of flavors.

This tablescape invites you to relish the beauty and flavors autumn has to offer. This Akae Kutani-inspired ensemble is a tribute to such splendor. From the rich, earthy tones of the dishes and decor to the intricate designs of the Chawanmushi bowl, every element celebrates the season. Share the joy of the season in all its glory, delighting both your palate and eyes with family and friends.

Featured Items

Chawanmushi Bowls

Experience the traditional taste of "Chawanmushi," steamed savory egg custard, with uniquely shaped bowls crafted specifically for serving this delicate dish. Decorated in classic hues and timeless patterns, Chawanmushi bowls from this collection will hold a distinctive presence on a table and add a charmingly authentic touch to your meal.

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