Table Setting #167
Elegant Celebrations: Crafting a Festive Table for Special Occasions

Step into the holiday season with a table design that's a vibrant display of festive elegance, where deep blues and rich vermilions blend with delicate gold trimmings. Gathering around a table graced with beautifully prepared dishes and sake, each served on porcelain echoing timeless designs, creates the perfect setting for celebrating moments shared with loved ones.


  • Designing a Holiday Table
  • A Centerpiece of Tradition and Art
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Key points of this table setting

1. Designing a Holiday Table 

This table setting breathes life into celebrations with its exquisite Japanese tableware, blending elegance and festivity seamlessly. We weave a celebratory spirit into our table design by choosing items that are not only beautiful but also steeped in meaning. Rich red napkins, a classic symbol of auspiciousness, add a vibrant splash of color, perfectly capturing the joyful essence of the season.

The culinary choices are a nod to cherished Japanese traditions: plump shrimp, revered for their auspicious symbolism of longevity, and a hearty winter favorite, simmered pumpkin, infusing warmth and richness into the menu. And, for a dash of contemporary elegance, sushi is artfully presented, showcasing the perfect balance between traditional taste and modern sophistication. Together, these elements form a tableau that's a delight to the senses, celebrating the holidays with a flair that's both heartwarming and visually enchanting. 

Adorned in patterns of good fortune, the vivid porcelain plates add a refined touch with their deep blue and vermillion hues, accented by gold. Laid against a white tablecloth, their intricate designs stand out strikingly.

The Hasami ware sake cups, each boasting unique floral patterns, form an elegant ensemble. The interplay of colors, enhanced with gold and white, adds sophistication, ideal for occasions from New Years to birthdays. The Arita ware sake cooler, with its stunning deep blue chrysanthemum and arabesque patterns, radiates beauty.

2. The Centerpiece of Tradition and Art  

The kumiko tray, a holiday table essential, is a marvel of Japanese woodworking. Its design, showcasing the natural beauty of Akita cedar, complements any holiday decor with timeless crafted excellence. Surrounding it with greenery and flowers creates an inviting atmosphere on the table.

The versatility of the kumiko tray shines especially during parties, where an assortment of dishes graces the table. Its intricately woven structure, which is a hallmark of kumiko artistry, creates a light and airy feel, ensuring the table never looks overcrowded. Whether it's plates with diverse designs or an eclectic mix of serveware, this tray brings everything together in a harmonious display.

The larger tray serves as a splendid centerpiece, ideal for the heart of your table setting. Meanwhile, the smaller tray is just right for holding cups, petite plates, or a selection of bite-sized treats, adding both function and charm to your festive arrangement.

From the intricate elegance of kumiko trays to the vibrant hues of our porcelain plates and sake ware, each piece has been carefully selected to infuse warmth, tradition, and a modern flair into your gatherings. Craft lasting memories, celebrate cherished traditions, and enjoy the company of loved ones in style with our holiday tablescape.

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Established in Kamo City, Niigata Prefecture during the early years of the Meiji period (1868-1912), Ominato Bunkichi Shoten initially specialized in producing shibu-gami, a unique Japanese paper coated with persimmon extract. Later, the company evolved under the second-generation Bunkichi by incorporating local woodworking techniques into creating elegant folding screens. Today, the company blends its deep-rooted woodworking proficiency of folding screens with modern designs, offering a diverse range of cherished interior and home products.

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