Table Setting #185
Springtime Noodles: A Soba Tray of Joy

As a gentle breeze carries the floral fragrance of cherry blossoms, enjoying a meal that combines the refreshing taste of soba with the beauty of sakura can be a true treat to embrace spring's offerings. Authenticity infuses our setting, with handcrafted soba trays bringing an extra layer of joy to the table. The cool sake served in beautiful sake ware, and the pairing with tempura perfectly complement the warmth of the season; all coming together to create a special, refreshing lunch at home.


  • An Invitation to Spring's Light Fare
  • Art of Utility: The Japanese Soba Tray
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Key points of this table setting

1. An Invitation to Spring's Light Fare 

Soba, or Japanese buckwheat noodles, are highly popular in Japan and enjoyed all year round. In crafting our elegant lunch-for-two, we prepared the table with the spirit of the season. Topped with cured sakura flowers, the cold noodles are beautifully swirled on a classic soba tray.

The soba trays' clean-cut corners and the Kumiko tray's intricate geometric patterns create a harmoniously organized tableau. This meticulous arrangement is complemented by gracefully rounded bowls, plates, and cups that nestle into their designated space. Echoing the sakura theme are a Kyo ware bowl with the tender weeping cherry blossoms of Kyoto, and Wakasa lacquerware chopsticks, delicately sprinkled with fluttering petals. 

The delicate blush of the Pink Fubuki 3-Piece Edo Glass Sake Set adds a charming dash of pink to the dining table, evoking the imagery of cherry blossoms.

The exquisite Checkered Pattern Edo Kiriko Glass Soba Choko Cup, used for the dipping sauce, features an ichimatsu pattern consisting of small squares in alternating colors and textures. Considered an auspicious pattern in Japan, this cup’s detailed cutting and immaculate polish offer a classic and refined ambiance.
A true feast for the eyes, this tablescape charms with a variety of hues, textures and patterns.

2. Art of Utility: The Japanese Soba Tray 

A soba tray exudes a comforting rustic feel, offering a dining experience reminiscent of a restaurant's ambiance right at home. The texture of the tray, crafted from premium cypress wood and bamboo reveals a subtle warmth in its simplicity. 

Designed for both beauty and utility, the tray comes with a removable bamboo strainer, simplifying cleanup. Beyond elegantly serving soba, it accommodates a variety of cold noodles, refreshing assortments of onigiri, and an array of delicate Japanese sweets.

Welcome the season with the refreshing taste of cold noodles. Dive into a unique dining experience with a soba tray, bringing the spirit of traditional Japanese dining into your home. Why not explore this delightful option and introduce a touch of Japan to your table?

Featured Items

Miyabi Urushi Nezuko Kiso Woodwork Japanese Soba Tray

Crafted with a timeless design, this soba tray offers an ideal means to relish an authentic soba experience right at home. Made from premium Nezuko cypress sourced from Nagano Prefecture's Kiso district, it boasts exceptional durability and minimal shrinkage. The unique grain patterns of Nezuko wood are enhanced through a meticulous process of baking and polishing, which not only imparts a warm brown hue to the tray but also offers durability.

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