Table Setting #189
Jubako Joys Under the Sakura Canopy

This season, as the cherry blossoms tenderly unfurled their petals, Team Musubi found the perfect day for this year's hanami amidst the buzz of anticipation and hopeful whispers. Beneath the embracing boughs of the sakura, our Jubako box brimmed with a variety of handmade delicacies, each layer thoughtfully prepared. It was a day to remember, basking in a soft pink glow and enjoying the tranquil joys of spring, all while delighting in exquisite treats and the company of dear friends.


  • The Jubako Picnic Spread
  • Blending Lacquerware Luxury with the Everyday
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Key points of this table setting

1. The Jubako Picnic Spread

Surrounded by the delicate hue of sakura and the vivid yellow of canola flowers, our outdoor setup centered around the Echizen lacquerware Jubako bento box was like a scene straight from the storied hanami of old. This year, we embraced portability without sacrificing elegance, opting for lacquerware and bamboo craftsmanship for our dining ware.

At the heart of our picnic is the robust Echizen lacquerware Jubako bento box, its black lacquer gleaming under the sunlight, adorned with maki-e depicting the three auspicious designs of pine, bamboo, and plum blossoms. Each tier was generously filled, starting with appetizers on top, followed by a selection of meat and fish dishes in the middle, and with our favorite temari-zushi nestled at the very bottom. The delight of gradually uncovering each layer adds to the excitement and pleasure of a hanami experience or any occasion using a Jubako bento box.

This year the lacquerware sakazuki flat sake cups joined us in toasting to the beauty of the blossoms. The Red Sakura Aizu Lacquerware Sakazuki Flat Sake Cup is one of our favorites, as it gracefully reflects the fluttering petals on its glossy red coat. 

No hanami picnic would be complete without sweets to finish, even after a few sips of sake. To add a final flourish, we let cherry blossoms bloom anew on our picnic blanket by arranging sakura-shaped monaka confections on a delicate Suruga bamboo craft tray. Its natural bamboo hues perfectly matched the surrounding sakura trees, capturing the essence of the season.

2. Blending Lacquerware Luxury with the Everyday

A premium lacquerware Jubako bento box, cherished for its refined charm, serves as a treasured centerpiece not only for hanami picnics but also for dining at home. While lacquerware requires careful handling, its lightweight durability and unique ability to preserve food freshness make it ideal for both family meals and special occasions,

These authentic Wakasa lacquerware chopsticks from Matsukan bring the magnificence of lacquer right to your fingertips. These exquisitely crafted utensils embody the fusion of art and utility, blending lacquerware luxury with the everyday dining experience.

Hanami provides a treasured opportunity to reconnect and rediscover the beauty of nature, echoing a time when daily life was deeply intertwined with the natural world. As we eagerly await next year's hanami, we're filled with anticipation for the new sakura stories that will unfold, ready to embrace the next chapter of this beautiful tradition.

Featured Item

Pine Bamboo and Plum Echizen Lacquerware Three Tiers Jubako Bento Box

Maki-e is a technique in which pictures, patterns, and letters are painted on the surface of lacquerware, and then gold or silver powder is sprinkled onto the surface of the ware before it dries.
This three-tiered Jubako bento box is decorated with pine, bamboo and plum blossoms in gold Maki-e lacquer. This item can be said to be the crystallization of Echizen lacquerware techniques, and the beauty of the finish is mesmerizing.

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