Table Setting #196
Wagashi Day with Nabeshima Celadon

Wagashi Day, a celebration of Japan's exquisite traditional sweets, is the perfect occasion to indulge in delicate flavors that enhance any gathering. Enjoy these crafted wagashi with the beauty of celadon ware from Hataman Touen's Moist series. The delicate combination of taste and aesthetics promises a memorable experience, adding joy and relaxation to this special day. 


  • A Harmonious Blend of Tradition and Taste
  • Exquisite Sweets with the Moist Series
  • Featured Item

Key points of this table setting

1. A Harmonious Blend of Tradition and Taste

In Japan, June 16th is known as kajonohi, Wagashi Day. On this day in 848 CE, Emperor Nimmyo offered sweets and mochi rice cakes inspired by the number 16 to the gods, praying for the eradication of diseases and the blessing of good health. And to commemorate this event, he also renamed the era to Kajo, as the kanji characters "嘉祥" symbolize auspiciousness and happiness. 

The sixth month on the old lunar calendar (currently late June to early August) is a very hot period, so people enjoy cool and seasonal wagashi, such as mizuyokan which is a smooth red bean paste. Japanese confections made from red beans are popular for their high nutritional value.

This table setting features various wagashi displayed on the Ominato Bunkichi Hemp Leaf Wazen Kumiko Tray, made of Akita cedar for a distinct traditional Japanese feel. The combination of lacquerware and celadon tableware enhances the overall sense of elegance and sophistication. The finely crafted kumiko woodwork highlights the visual appeal of each selected sweet and serves wonderfully as the centerpiece. 

Wagashi is best enjoyed with Japanese tea, as its light and fresh flavors complement and balance the sweetness. The Mikawachi Ware Japanese Teapot from Kakusho Kiln emphasizes beauty and gracefulness in the balance between white porcelain and fine blue paintings. The Plum Maki-e Yamanaka Lacquerware Small Three-Tiered Box on the Gingko Leaf Echizen Lacquerware Plate emits a glossy sheen that adds a touch of coolness to hot summer days.

2. Exqusite Sweets with the Moist Series

The Hataman Touen Moist Sakura Imari Nabeshima Ware Side Plate is part of the Moist series. Its refreshing celadon hue, decorated with a sakura pattern that rises delicately from its surface, lends an enchanting allure to the dining table. The silken mizuyokan, with its cloudy brown hue, complements the light blue shade of the plate. 

This lustrous celadon side plate, paired with a mizumanju wrapped in bamboo leaf also offers visual delight. The red Aizu Lacquerware Dessert Fork, adorned with an auspicious chrysanthemum motif, is designed for gracefully enjoying your confectionary delights.

These stunning celadon pieces, renowned for their rich cultural heritage and subtle shades, provide the ideal backdrop for presenting Japanese sweets. The celebration of Wagashi Day beautifully marries tradition and aesthetic refinement, showcasing the timeless elegance of celadon ware.

Featured Item

Hataman Touen Moist Series

Nabeshima ware's traditional technique is distinguished by a pale blue color that evokes the morning mist over Okawachiyama. Hataman Touen has ventured into new territory with celadon porcelain by developing the Moist series, which features a matte texture achieved through sandblasting. This smooth, moist texture is pleasing to the touch, and the fresh green gradient imparts a cool, refreshing sensation.

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