Table Setting #37
A Unique Set Meal On a Yamanaka Lacquer Round Tray

The vermilion Yamanaka lacquer round tray with its unique shaved texture is perfect for a set meal for one person.

For fried pork rolls, I chose a Hasami ware chrysanthemum-shaped plate with thin red lines to match the vermilion tray from Yamanaka lacquerware. The plate is a little deep, so you can pull out a piece of paper and put tempura or sushi rolls on it.

I chose a unique design with a painting of a red turnip for a simmered dish. There is also a painting on the inside and you can enjoy it while you are eating. When arranging several dishes on a tray, it is important to create a rhythm by using small bowls and soup bowls like this to create a difference in height.

For a Miso soup bowl, I chose a simple and stylish one from GATO MIKIO. The matte texture of the black wood grain gives a sharp impression which creates a beautiful balance of the entire setting.