Table Setting #4 Traditional Japanese Dinner with a Variety of Side Dishes

When traveling in Japan, have you ever seen a set with several meals laid out on a tray? This is a basic Japanese meal set called "Ichiju-sansai", meaning one soup and three side dishes.
The gorgeous Kutani ware looks great on the Yamanaka lacquered tray. Enjoy the beauty of the traditional tableware as well as the taste of the food, and have a fine dining experience.

This plate makes even the simplest dish look very bright and fun.

Yamanaka lacquerware is a traditional tableware used in traditional Japanese  restaurants. Just by placing lacquer ware on the table, you can instantly approach the authentic dining style of Japanese food.

Good sake is essential for good Japanese food. The traditional pine, bamboo and plum patterns are auspicious and perfect for a special dinner.