Table Setting #42
Relaxing Time With Freshly Prepared Oden And Japanese Sake

Place a freshly prepared Oden in the center of the table for a special time for the two to relax. 

The main dish, Oden, is served in a clay pot in the center of the table. A clay pot is an indispensable item for a winter dining table, as it allows you to serve freshly prepared hot dishes directly on the table. As soon as you open the lid, you will be greeted by the aroma and white steam, which is sure to create a pleasant atmosphere.    

For snacks for one person, I chose Kutani ware sauce plates, which look more chic and special when layered on top of the Hibino square plates. 
The table setting becomes more rhythmical by placing slightly taller glassware which creates a difference in height. 

I also chose Kutani ware for the sake cups to match the plates. This is a rare type of sake cup that combines a bottle and a sake cup in one. The sake cup also doubles as the bottle's lid, making it more functional and less likely to get cold even when it contains hot Sake. Make sure placing the Sake set within the reach of hands of each other. 

The plates, napkins, coasters, etc. were placed in a bamboo basket and displayed as interior decorations. Bamboo baskets are perfect not only for holding food, but also for storing dishes and other small items on the table. The natural texture of bamboo adds an accent to the table setting. 

On the display shelf, I decorated with Kutani ware sake cups. This series has a variety of designs, so it's very fun to choose which cup to use.

I filled a large white Usuki ware bowl with water and decorated it with a simple plant. Among a setting with a lot of dark-colored dishes, it gives a clean and relaxed feeling.