Table Setting #77
Sushi Dinner in Autumn Colors from Hozan Kiln

Autumn is the season of abundance.
It is the season of the rice harvest, fruits like grapes and Japanese pears are sweet and juicy, and the fish are fatty and plump. It’s no surprise that autumn is known as the best season for eating. Enjoy a hearty sushi dinner with tasty side dishes in a fine dining table setting with tableware from Hozan Kiln.  


  • Sushi with stoneware
  • A mature color scheme
  • The modern sake set
  • Fine dining sushi dinner at home
  • Featured items

Points of This Table Setting

1. Sushi with stoneware 

Stoneware has a natural and rustic feel. The deep earth colors and coarse textures complement the delicate and smooth shine of sushi. The warmth felt from the natural glaze of the plates will go well with handmade sushi. Remember not to plate too many sushi on one plate. The presentation looks more elegant and your guests can enjoy the designs on the plate. 

2. A mature color scheme 

We’ve used basic autumn colors to decorate the table.
With festive events such as Halloween and Thanksgiving coming up, the colors you use are inclined to be in bright happy tones. To create a refined and elegant mood, the colors are toned down and closer to traditional Japanese color tones (see Aesthetics of Traditional Japanese Colors for more details).
We added some accent colors as focal points on the table with the orange carottes rapèes and the bright green of the Yoshidaya Peach and Bird Kutani Kobachi Bowl. 

3. The modern sake set

The copper-tin sake set by Seigado is surely a conversation-starting item on the table, especially the carafe.
Everything about this copper carafe lined with tin is simply amazing, the shape which requires a tremendous amount of skill to create, the deep ai-color (Japanese indigo blue) and its practicality as the tin helps purify liquids.
Enjoy your sake chilled or warm with this stylish sake set.

And if you are a tea lover, have a hot cup of strong green tea with your sushi. The large tea cups from Hozan Kiln are perfect with a sushi meal.
Have you ever noticed sushi restaurants serve green tea in fairly large tea cups? It is said this custom dates back to the Edo period when sushi was considered a fast food and was served at sushi-stands. It was a one-man business, so the sushi chef used large tea cups to avoid the hassle of frequently having to fill the cups with tea. 

4. Fine dining sushi dinner at home

Instead of going out for a sushi dinner, try this table setting for an authentic and elegant sushi dinner at home.
Plan this tablescape with ambience using the rich and authentic stoneware plates from Hozan Kiln and enjoy the serene and calm moments of fall. 

Featured Item

Hozan Kiln

Hozan Kiln is based in Imbe, Bizen City, the hometown of Bizen Ware and is a direct descendant of the "six families of Bizen Ware kiln." The oldest item with the fan-shaped pottery mark currently used at the kiln dates back to the Muromachi period. Since then, the kiln has continued to manufacture many famous items.

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