Table Setting #82 
A Japanese Style Breakfast with Yamanaka Lacquerware and Tobe Ware

What's better than starting a day with a hearty breakfast. 
Try a Japanese style breakfast with these authentic Yamanaka lacquerware items and Tobe ware plates, and set your table for a relaxing and enjoyable morning. 


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Key points of this table setting

1. Stylish and Simple  

We made a refreshing, stylish table setting to celebrate the start of a new day. 
The table is covered with a bright white table cloth and a dark matcha green runner in the center. On a lacquerware tray, we set the basic tableware items for each person. 
The swirly designs on the Tobe Round Plates add a subtle accent to the tablescape. 
And the greenery placed close to the table in the Shigaraki Ware Ikebana Flower Vase complements the leaves designed on the table runner. 

2. The Menu

The menu for this appetizing breakfast is very basic. 
Grilled salmon(usually lightly salted) , stewed Japanese pumpkin, pickled vegetables, miso soup, white rice and stewed sweet beans. 
A Japanese style breakfast may seem a bit challenging, but you can prepare the beans, pumpkins and vegetables ahead of time. Cook the rice, grill the salmon and make the miso soup, and then you are ready eat! 

3. The Basics Items 

Some basic items to have to dress you table for a Japanese style breakfast. 
 A main plate is always a good item to have to serve grilled fish or cooked eggs for breakfast. A kobachi bowl is also a good piece to have to serve stewed vegetables and small salads. 

Interestingly, for this meal we interchanged the materials used for the rice bowl and the soup bowl. 
Usually, the soup bowl is lacquerware and the rice bowl is made of porcelain or stoneware. But for this setting, we used a Yamanaka lacquerware bowl for the rice and the Baizan Kiln Mesh Tobe cup for the miso soup. 

End the meal with relaxing Japanese tea in rustic Mino Ware tea cups with the Hibino Kahala Mino Ware Earthenware teapot.

For your next weekend breakfast or for a special birthday breakfast or for Mother's day, plan this delicious meal with beautifully simple tableware items from Japan. 

Featured items

Yamanaka Lacquerware

Yamanaka lacquerware, also known as Yamanaka Shikki, is Japanese lacquerware produced near the Yamanaka Onsen (hot spring) district of Kaga, Ishikawa prefecture. Their lacquerware is unique in that it blends the natural elegance of wood grains with the elegant maki-e technique of sprinkling gold, silver, or other colored powder onto the lacquer painting.
With its beautiful wood texture, delicate and robust Yamanaka lacquerware is evolving day by day, incorporating a modern sense of design while continuing to pass on traditional skills that has lasted for 400 years.

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Featured items

Tobe Ware

Tobe ware is a white porcelain with blue patterns depicting arabesque designs and other plants. The beautiful glaze and hand-painted decorations add a comfortable warmth to the table.  
Tobe ware is sturdy and perfect for daily use as most products are microwave and dishwasher safe.
In 1976, Tobe ware was designated as a traditional craft by the government. The sixth to be recognized in the field of ceramics.

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