Table Setting #93
Matcha Tea Party for Two 

Sit down to a delightfully decorated table for a tea party with matcha tea.
You don't have to be a tea master to enjoy matcha's deep rich flavors and fresh green aromas at your own table.
Try your hand at making your own cup of matcha tea with stunning Kutani ware matcha bowls.


  • Set the Scene
  • Getting Ready to Make Matcha Tea
  • Preparing Matcha Tea
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Key points of this table setting

1. Set the Scene

The first item we chose was the Kikko Nishijin Ori Long Table Runner from Kikyoya. The luxurious patterns of the runner made with colorful threads and gold is a perfect item to spruce up a table for a Japanese style tea party.  
As the centerpiece, we placed the Kanuma Kumiko Long Tray from Toyoda Woodcraft. On the tray are three small Kutani ware white dishes from hachi-kutani containing various sugar candies. Look forward to these soon-to-be-launched cute sauce dishes.
On the side chest we set an Arita Porcelain Lab Yazaemon "Somenishiki" Rock Flower Bird Flower Vase to give the room an added touch of Japanese feel.

2. Getting Ready to Make Matcha Tea 

A basic wooden tray in a light color is used to gather all the items for each person.
Each person has their own whisk and "chashaku," a special spoon used to scoop the matcha powder. The matcha powder is kept inside lacquerware "natsume" matcha containers in red and black.
And then, of course, the matcha bowls.
Matcha bowls are items that will undoubtedly add beauty to your table. We chose the vivid yellow Bizan Kiln Yoshidaya Camellia Kutani Matcha Bowl Chawan to match the table runner's golden yellow color, and the elaborately decorated Taishi Kiln Hanazume Kutani Matcha Bowl Chawan to match the table runner's refined elegance.
Quite difficult to decide which one to choose! 

When enjoying matcha tea, it's customary to serve a  "wagashi," a Japanese style confectionary. We chose a wagashi delicately made in the design of a chrysanthemum and another wagashi made in the colors of autumn leaves. The wagashi is served on a small RYOUKA Lotus Petal Usuki Plate in black and white. 

3.  Preparing Matcha Tea   

"Chado, " meaning "the way of tea," is a Japanese cultural activity where matcha tea is served to guests at formal and casual tea ceremonies. And there are detailed customs and rules to be followed at these tea ceremonies when serving and drinking the matcha tea. 
But you can casually enjoy an aromatic cup of matcha tea at home by just following some simple steps. 
Here is a quick guide on how to prepare a bowl of frothy, rich-flavored matcha tea. 
First, add the matcha powder into the matcha bowl. Add hot water and whisk quickly and lightly to add air and froth up the tea. 

Check out our page on Matcha Bowl "Chawan" for a detailed explanation on how to make matcha tea at home.  

When drinking the matcha tea with a matcha bowl, lift the bowl with your right hand, place it on your left hand and rest your right hand lightly to the side of the bowl,  Gently turn the bowl clockwise to make sure the front side of the bowl faces the person sitting across from you. This custom is done in the spirit of sharing the aesthetics of the bowl with the guest or host. 

Sen Rikyu is a 16th-century tea master who is known to have perfected the art of chado. His teachings included rules and customs to be followed when making matcha tea.  And the underlying spirit entailed in these customs were " harmony, respect, purity, and tranquility." Feel this spirit when you enjoy the matcha tea you have made for yourself. 

At formal tea ceremonies, the guests enjoy not only the matcha tea itself, but also other elements that create the whole atmosphere of the special occasion like the flower displayed in the room, the tea utensils being used, vases and paintings or scrolled writings hung on the wall. 
As you enjoy the aromas and flavors of the match tea, take time to admire other items on the table and in the room.
Relax with a warm bowl of fresh matcha tea that will surely bring enjoyment and tranquility to you, your family and friends. 

Featured items

Matcha Bowl "Chawan"

As the cold weather approaches, we look for ways to relax and decompress at home rather than going out. Spend time relaxing at home enjoying a warm bowl of matcha tea made in a traditional tea ceremonial style with authentic matcha bowls from Japan.

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