Table Setting #95
Sushi on Echizen Lacquerware

A long lacquerware serving tray is a great item to plate fresh sushi.
Create a sushi restaurant table setting to greet guests to an appetizing meal of sushi and tempura. 


  • Elegant Colors on White 
  • The Echizen Lacquerware Serving Tray
  • White Kutani ware 
  • Featured items

Points of This Table Setting

1. Elegant Colors on White

Colors are neatly organized using tableware items in muted natural colors on a white table cloth.
The matte black color of the lacquerware serving tray highlights the vivid fresh colors of the sushi. We used the Hibino Wood Grain Mino Ware Rectangle Plate to group bright-colored porcelain plates. And the stylish Hibino Carbonized Ginsai Checkered Mino Ware Plate is a wonderful item to serve crispy tempura fried to a beautiful golden color. 

Items in small sizes also can make a big difference on a table with their vivid colors and intricate designs. Charming items from Seikou Kiln play their part in dressing up the table.

Seikou Kiln's Kutani Color Chopstick Rests in the butterfly and the yellow peony motif add a refined touch to the table and the chopsticks.  And the Traditional Pattern Small Box is a cute item to have on the table to serve spices and delicacies. 

2. The Echizen Lacquerware Serving Tray  

The impression of sushi on a dining table can vary widely depending on the piece it is plated on.
A long lacquerware serving tray will help you recreate a sushi restaurant look at home. This Echizen lacquerware serving tray created by Kiyoteru Morita, a renowned undercoat craftsman of Echizen lacquerware, is uniquely designed with Japanese craft paper laid under the lacquer to decorate the surface with geometrical lines of a hemp leaf. It is very light in weight and easy to hold with the curved ends.

3. White Kutani ware   

The sauce plates from hachi-kutani with their crafted surfaces are excellent for serving soy sauce. The opulent white color of Kutani porcelain adds a nice shine to the soy sauce and the raised rims prevent the liquid from spilling on to the table.

If you are looking for an item to create a fine-dining look on your dining table, the Echizen lacquerware serving tray  is the one to choose. Run a smooth white table cloth on the table and place the trays with colorful accessories on their sides for a fancy sushi dinner at home.  

Featured Item

Echizen Lacquerware 

Echizen lacquerware originated around the city of Sabae in Fukui Prefecture, located in the northern part of Japan. With a history of over 1500 years, Echizen lacquerware is known for its subdued luster and elegant beauty. Echizen lacquerware is manufactured by experienced craftsmen, each specializing in a different step of the production process.

Following the changes in the lifestyles of Japanese people and market needs, Echizen lacquerware has developed diversified products and created technology for mass production. Today, Echizen lacquerware makes up for more than 80% of lacquerware in the domestic food industry and for business use. 

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