Table Setting #99
Lunch for Two in a Hanazume Jubako Bento Box

Feel the happy vibes in this well-set table with the pretty floral designs and the Kutani ware lucky cat sitting on the table. 
The Kutani ware three-tiered Jubako Bento box makes it easy to prepare a delightful meal for two with charm.


  • Filled with Flowers
  • Sharing with a Jubako Bento Box
  • White Arita Ware
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Key points of this table setting

1. Filled with Flowers  

A fresh and happy table setting with a gorgeous Kutani ware three-tiered Jubako bento box in a Hanazume design.

The Hanazume design, a signature style of overglaze painting for Kutani ware, covers the whole surface of the Jubako bento box including the lid. Flowers from all four seasons brilliantly decorate the table in an array of beautiful colors. 
To add to the natural floral motif, we chose a chrysanthemum-shaped deep plate and a sauce plate designed in a maple leaf motif from the Arita ware Zuiho Kiln. 
Giving some height to the table setting are the Mizore Kutani Craft Guinomi Sake Glasses with golden flowers on a frosty surface.

The Kokuzou Kiln Mizuhiki Kutani Lucky Cat is an adorable add-on to the table. A white lucky cat symbolizes blessing some one with good luck. 

2. Sharing with a Jubako Bento Box  

A three-tiered Jubako bento box is a great piece to use when sharing main dishes for a lunch for two.  We set individual servings of sashimi in the Arita ware deep plates, and the other dishes to be share in the bento box.
Everyone enjoys an element of surprise. Open the lid of the Jubako bento box at the table and astonish your guest with delicious menus beautifully set in the three tiers. 

3.  White Arita Ware   

These white plates from Zuiho Kiln come in a clear white matte color trimmed with gold and silver, a style which is a bit different from the well-known colorfully designed Arita ware. The pure and immaculate white color can enhance the freshness and natural colors of the dish plated.  

Bring joy and happiness to your table with a Jubako bento box decorated with exquisite colors from a bouquet of flowers.
Although a popular style, the Hanazume design is slowly becoming a lost art as the number of skilled artisans who can paint this style is decreasing. Add the Hanazume Jubako bento box to your tableware collection and enjoy Japanese authentic craftsmanship that will never go out of style. 

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Zuiho Kiln 

Zuiho Kiln was established in 1917. Having built a kiln in the Arita Sotoyama area, Zuiho Kiln has always felt the changes in the times. They have continued to produce original tableware for restaurants including traditional Japanese style restaurants, Ryotei. They also produce tableware that people can use in their everyday lives and that have warmth only felt in handmade products.   

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