Owl Arita Ware Ladle Rest

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This owl-shaped ladle rest has a humorous expression. The dark and light shades painted with a brush convey the warmth of a handmade product.

It is convenient for placing a ladle or a rice scoop in the kitchen or on the dining table when you are cooking or eating a pot dish or soup.

The ladle used in the photo measures 8cm(3.1in) x 7cm(2.8in) x H2cm(0.8in). A ladle larger than this may not fit in the ladle holder.

By having these small items, which play a supporting role at the dining table, you can create a thoughtful hospitality like that of a Japanese restaurant.

Arita Ware, made in the town of Arita in Saga Prefecture, is the oldest porcelain production area in Japanese history. It is also a prestigious brand admired by ceramicists from other regions as a representative porcelain production area.


  • Quantity: 1
  • Dimension: 12cm(4.7in) x 10.5cm(4.1in)x H4cm(1.7in)
  • Material: Porcelain - Arita ware
  • Origin: Made in Japan

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