19 March 2024

Cupping Blossoms: Yunomi Teacups with a Floral Embrace

Welcome the much-anticipated vibrant colors and floral fantasies of spring with our collection of Kutani ware yunomi teacups from Kokuzou Kiln. Each cup, a fine piece of stoneware splendor, is meticulously hand-painted with care and creativity.

This blog offers a visual feast, showcasing the enchanting designs of all twenty-one large teacups in this collection. Discover your perfect springtime companion and let it be a fresh bloom on your spring table.


  • About the Kiln
  • Sakura Splendor
  • Camellia Elegance
  • A Garden of Secret Blooms

About the Kiln  

Established in 1997, Kokuzou Kiln stands out for its in-house approach to pottery making. From the initial shaping of clay to the intricate painting and final firing, everything is done within the kiln's walls.

Nestled in Ishikawa Prefecture—a region revered for the traditional craft of Kutani ware—this kiln distinguishes itself with a dedication to crafting earthenware, a unique choice within the Kutani ware tradition. Their yunomi teacups have remained enduring favorites as they exude the warmth and texture of the earth while displaying the distinctive beauty of hand-painted flower designs.

Sakura Splendor  

Dance in the beauty of sakura blossoms with these teacups lovingly named after the iconic spring bloom. 

The Sakura Floral Prints Kutani Japanese Yunomi Teacups capture the joy of cherry blossoms in full bloom, set against modern hues. These teacups are a heartfelt homage to the transient beauty of sakura on a contemporary canvas, allowing it to shine in all its glory.

The Sakura Floral design enchants with a double delight of petite flowers snugly nestled among larger sakura blossoms pointed with a touch of vintage allure. The brush strokes in hues of deep crimson and contrasting blue invite you to gather both colors, crafting a set that sings in harmony.

The Sakura Blossom Kutani Japanese Yunomi Teacups stand out for their classic charm, adorned in soft pink and blue. They capture the essence of Japanese aesthetics wonderfully and instill a sense of calmness of a spring breeze.

Camellia Elegance

The camellia, with its strikingly robust petals and evergreen leaves, embodies simplicity and elegance, making it a captivating motif. 

The Camellia Kutani Japanese Yunomi Teacups have been a signature style at Kokuzou Kiln since its establishment. This design captivates with its camellias outlined in bold, crisp black borders, making each shape pop with beauty. The cups come in colors that celebrate the seasons, allowing you to enjoy camellias throughout the year. 

Set against dramatic vermillion and black, the Painted Camellia Kutani Japanese Yunomi Teacups showcase the radiating glow of camellias in striking crimson and pink. Slim ribbons of white outline and accentuate the botanical designs, and the leaves are brought to life with their rich green hues.

A Garden of Secret Blooms 

Secret blossoms also decorate the surface of these teacups, their unnamed beauty sparking imagination and allure,

The Polychrome Flowers Kutani Japanese Yunomi Teacups are adorned with artistic, large floral patterns and beautiful curves, both inside and out of the teacup. Its bold design creates a vibrant presence on any table.

The distinctive color of the Black Flower Kutani Japanese Yunomi Teacup creates a subtly chic atmosphere, with small red dots peeking from the inner rim. Enjoy its refined ambiance, complemented by the soft grace of blush, rosy blossoms.

Cloaked in a vivid red, the Vermillion Flower Kutani Japanese Yunomi Teacup enchants with delicate floral outlines and freely painted leaves, beautifully highlighting the fine kannyu cracks. The unpainted footing reveals the natural hue of stoneware, giving the teacup a rustic appeal.

The Grand Feast of Flowers teacups feature a design bursting with petals of soft strokes and vivid colors. The splendid and warm blooms open like fireworks, adding splashes of color to a tabletop.

Find your favorite teacup amongst the exquisite variety of flowers in an assortment of colors and shapes, each piece more beautiful than the last. And let it enhance not only your Japanese tea moment but also serve as a delightful companion for matcha, desserts, and other treats.

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