12 January 2024

Kanpai! Celebrate in Style with Japanese Drinkware

As we welcome the start of a new year, there's no better way to celebrate than with your favorite drink in hand. The sound of glasses chiming, the warmth of toasts shared – this is the heart of kanpai, the Japanese toast when raising a glass together.

We have a splendid lineup of exquisite drinkware, each piece steeped in Japanese tradition and master craftsmanship, ready to turn your kanpai moments into cherished memories. 


  • Bizen Ware Beer Tumbler: For A Festive Beginning
  • Kagawa Lacquerware Sake Ware: Contemporary Contrast 
  • Metalwork Sake Drinkware: Lustrous Echoes of Hammered Metal
  • Edo Kiriko Rocks Glass: Dance of Light
  • Toso Arita Sake Set: Celebration of Sake with Tradition

Bizen Ware Beer Tumbler: 
For A Festive Beginning

Fill up a Bizen ware tumbler with your favorite brew for a joyous start of a new year. This exquisite piece of Japan's pottery history, perfected over centuries, is the ideal companion for your favorite craft beer or a beloved draft. 

Famed for its yakishime technique, where the stoneware is fired at high temperatures without glaze, Bizen ware boasts a naturally lustrous and durable finish. The tumbler's subtly porous surface not only gives your beer a richer, creamier head but also enhances its aromatic qualities.

Each tumbler will enchant your table with its distinctive natural color and organic texture, seamlessly complementing a rustic tablescape. And for those who prefer non-alcoholic beverages, these tumblers beautifully accommodate tea and sparkling or still water.

Usher in the new year with the warmth of pottery tradition and the comfort it brings to your gatherings.

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Kagawa Lacquerware Sake Ware:
Contemporary Contrast

For the lovers of cold sake, here is the modern Kagawa Lacquerware Sake Carafe and Guinomi Sake Cup.

Created under the innovative artistry of Matsumoto Kota of Sinra, these pieces from their Nishiki series fuse traditional Kagawa lacquerware techniques with present-day sensibilities. Using durable Aji stone and tin powder, their lacquerware coat is crafted to mirror a contrast of black and subdued silver, expressing the serene elegance of a moonlit night. 

The katakuchi sake carafe is designed with the keenest attention to the form of the spout, a focal point of this exquisite creation. Its artfully crafted lacquerware surface, flowing seamlessly to the base, offers a continuous visual delight, even in the simple act of pouring.

The wide guinomi sake cup enhances the sense of mystique and sophistication with its deeply polished wood rings against the lacquerware sides. 

Ideal for contemporary table settings or for savoring a late-night drink by candlelight, this pairing brings along with it touch of uniqueness. Lift the guinomi cups in a toast to intimate moments and the graceful art of living.

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Metalwork Sake Drinkware:
Lustrous Echoes of Hammered Metal

Get ready to add a distinctive shimmer to your festive drinking moments with metallic sake ware from Seigado. Each piece is an ode to the centuries-old craft of tsuiki, where the art of meticulously hammering and embossing metal is celebrated in every design.

The Seigado Tin Sake Carafe, forged from pure tin, mellows the flavor of sake, making each sip a luxurious indulgence. Its bamboo-braided handle makes for ease of use and completes its artful form. 

The matching Guinomi sake cup is the perfect companion. Its moderate weight and high thermal conductivity ensure that your sake stays at the ideal temperature.

The Seigado Sake Warmer is an indispensable item for sake connoisseurs. Its high thermal conductivity and beautiful floral patterned copper make warming your sake both efficient and visually enchanting right at the comfort of your table.

Bring these items together for an authentic hot sake experience. Rejoice with the extraordinary artful craftsmanship of Seigado's metal sake ware that will enrich both the flavor and the experience of your drink.

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Edo Kiriko Rocks Glass:
Dance of Light

Dress your table to impress with the Edo Kiriko Rock Glass from Kiyohide Glass, a perfect match for clear spirits like premium shochu, crisp vodka, or smooth gin.

This stunning piece also gives extra dazzle to crafted cocktails and refreshing mocktails, elevating every drink to a masterful creation.

The design transitions elegantly from a radiant royal blue rim to a beautifully carved amber pattern, with a luxurious weight in hand. The intricately woven lines and starburst shapes catch the light beautifully, making it a centerpiece at any gathering.

The skillful artistry of Edo Kiriko infuses each glass with a shimmer and shine that's sure to spark conversations and brighten any festive gathering.

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Toso Arita Sake Set:
Celebration of Sake with Tradition

Next, we introduce the White Porcelain Toso Arita Sake Set from Keizan Kiln. This elegant set, featuring a handled sake carafe and cups in various sizes, is perfect for celebrating with sake during the New Year.

Toso, a cherished Japanese New Year's drink, carries with it over 1,200 years of history and symbolizes hopes for a healthy year ahead. Originally crafted by infusing sake or mirin with a blend of herbal medicines called tososan, today's toso can easily be prepared with pre-made tososan mixtures.

Typically, toso is served in a tiered cup, and enjoyed in three distinct sips. This Arita ware sake set we offer is ideally designed for this ritual. In keeping with tradition, the youngest family member begins, symbolizing the infusion of vitality into the gathering, before passing it onto the next person.

This toso sake set serves as a graceful bridge between time-honored practices and contemporary enjoyment. Whether you're fully embracing these customs or simply savoring a relaxed drink, this set invites you to honor the season and the rich tapestry of Japanese traditions.

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Whether it's a shout of "Kanpai!" or "Cheers!," express best wishes and the joy of spending time together over a drink in elegantly crafted Japanese drinkware. Let these glasses and sake cups add to the charm of those special moments, inviting you to enjoy delightful beginnings.