31 May 2024

Set for Spring: Musubi Mono Japanese Dinnerware Sets

Welcome to the new dinnerware sets from Musubi Mono!

The name "Musubi Mono" cleverly merges the Japanese word "mono," meaning "thing," with the English prefix "mono," signifying "only." This combination highlights the uniqueness of these sets, emphasizing that they are truly one of a kind. These sets stand out for their selection of authentic tableware, meticulously crafted by skilled Japanese artisans. Each piece is thoughtfully chosen by MUSUBI KILN staff and guided by the expertise of our table designer.

The Musubi Mono dinnerware set showcases the traditional Japanese dining style known as ichiju-sansai, which translates to "one soup, three dishes." By incorporating exquisite tableware pieces from renowned producers across Japan, these sets allow you to experience Japan's traditional dining culture with authenticity and elegance. They highlight the Japanese emphasis on seasonal ingredients and the importance of nutritional balance, seamlessly blending aesthetics with cultural significance.

Explore the details of both dinnerware sets and learn about the stories behind their creation.


  • Musubi Mono Opulent Floral Dinnerware Set
  • Musubi Mono Tranquil Sakura Dinnerware Set
  • Premium Packaging

Musubi Mono Opulent Floral Dinnerware Set

The Musubi Mono Opulent Floral Dinnerware Set consists of tableware featuring motifs of sakura, or Japanese cherry blossoms, and kiku, or chrysanthemum, adorned with gold accents. Cherry Blossoms are one of the most popular flowers in Japan, cherished not only for its lovely and beautiful appearance but also for its transient and fleeting allure. Chrysanthemums appear on the emblem of the Japanese Imperial family, symbolizing nobility. Together, these elements give the set a unique and striking floral charm that embodies the traditional Japanese aesthetic style. Also, the combination of gold and colorful flowers conveys an atmosphere of celebration and festivity.

The plate for the main dish is the Old Imari Sakura Hasami Round Plate from Rinkuro Kiln. This chrysanthemum-shaped plate delicately features sakura blossoms and gold lines, giving it an artistic feel. The slightly larger side plate, also from Rinkuro Kiln, is adorned with colorful chrysanthemum patterns, enhancing the overall harmony and charm of this set. The Kutani ware rice bowl displays an array of vibrant flowers with its hanazume design. The gold accents further enhance the vibrant floral design and the translucent white porcelain color inside.

The miso soup bowl and tray are original products from MUSUBI KILN. The soup bowl perfectly represents the Yamanaka area's specialization in crafting bowl-shaped lacquerware known as marumono. The tray that holds all the items is made of Echizen lacquerware. The black lacquerware tray is generously sized, ensuring it comfortably accommodates all items with ease. The combination of black and gold harmonizes perfectly to create a luxurious ambiance.

Musubi Mono Tranquil Sakura Dinnerware Set

The Musubi Mono Tranquil Sakura Dinnerware Set features a color scheme that is calm and fresh, decorated with weeping cherry blossoms throughout. The rice bowl and plate adorned with beautiful blooms and leaves cascading from top to bottom are from Tosen Kiln in Kyoto. The design enhances their gentle and soft appearance, evoking the sensation of a spring breeze. Apart from the cherry blossoms, other pieces forgo additional motifs, adopting a minimalist and open aesthetic with refined simplicity. This set evokes feelings of freshness, relaxation, and tranquility.

The small bowl on the right is a Hasami ware kobachi. It has a sophisticated dark green color and is shaped like Japan’s national flower, the chrysanthemum. The glaze on the surface is very smooth to the touch, and its size is perfect for serving various traditional Japanese side dishes. The celadon green side plate from Soryu Kiln in Kyoto features a unique subtle hue, inspired by a clear sky after rain.

The rice bowl, main plate, miso soup bowl, and tray are all original products from MUSUBI KILN. The miso soup bowl and tray are made of Yamanaka Lacquerware and Echizen Lacquerware, respectively. The luxurious dark red color brings a warm spring atmosphere.

Premium Packaging

We have prepared exquisite packaging for our dinnerware set. Centered on the lid of the box is the gold MUSUBI KILN logo. The box is colored a soft light gray, giving it a sophisticated and modern feel. The box's interior is white, perfectly highlighting the colors and features of each item. These sets are not only perfect for personal enjoyment, but also serve as splendid gifts for family and friends with their elegantly designed packaging.

Featuring meticulously curated pieces from esteemed Japanese artisans, these sets create an authentic and elegant gateway to Japan’s culinary heritage. We hope you enjoy this beautiful blend of tradition and craftsmanship in your Japanese dining experiences.

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