6 December  2022

Let's Make a Dining Scene More Enjoyable with Chopstick Rests! 

Chopstick rests are recommended for those who want to casually enjoy table setting. It is not easy to prepare a set of plates and table mats, but a small but eye-catching chopstick rests will simply make your table more colorful than usual. 


  • History of Chopstick Rest
  • Benefits of Using Chopstick Rests
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History of Chopstick Rest

Although there are various theories, the chopstick-eating culture spread in Japan around the 7th century, triggered by exchanges with China.

In the beginning, chopsticks were mainly used for public events and Shinto rituals. Dirty chopsticks could not be used to make offerings to the gods. Therefore, chopstick rests were created to keep the chopsticks from touching the floor. Chopstick rests were created to keep the chopsticks offered to the gods clean.

It was not until the Meiji period (1868-1912) that chopstick rests came into wide use. Until then, Japanese food was generally served on a table for one person, but with the arrival of Western culture, families began to gather around a single table, and chopstick rests became commonplace.

Today, there are a variety of chopstick rests, from those that can hold cutlery other than chopsticks together to unique ones with elaborate designs. It is fun to use different types of chopstick rests according to the season and cuisine, as a way to entertain guests or to add a touch of flair to the dining table. 

Benefits of Using Chopstick Rests

1. Eating Beautifully

If you put your chopsticks directly on the table during or after a meal, you will make the table look dirty, and the contact of the chopsticks with your mouth will also be a hygiene concern.Also, placing chopsticks directly on a plate or bowl is called "Watashi-bashi" which is considered bad manners in Japan.It is easy to "Watashi-bashi," but if you have a chopstick rest, you will not have to worry about where to place them.It also prevents chopsticks from rolling around on the table.

2. Slow Down the Pace of Eating

There is such a thing as the chopstick rest diet. After taking a bite of food, place the chopsticks on the chopstick rest. By repeating this, you will chew longer and feel fuller than usual. This will help you stop eating too fast and overeating without overdoing it.This method is especially recommended for people who normally eat at a fast pace.

3. Create a Sense of the Season

While it is wonderful to use your favorite chopstick rests all the time, I also recommend changing them to match the season! Porcelain chopstick rests in spring, glass chopstick rests in summer, stoneware chopstick rests in fall, lacquerware chopstick rests in winter, and so on.

Choose by Materials


Boasting a unique transparency and shimmer, glass chopstick rests have a refreshing elegance, perfect for summer. Their versatile design gracefully complements any table setting throughout the seasons. More than just their beauty, they stand resilient against stains and wear. As long as they aren't dropped and shattered, they can be used almost indefinitely.

Hirota Black Gold Leaf Edo Glass Chopstick Rest Set

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Wooden chopstick rests bring warmth to the dining table while creating a sense of calm and luxury. The more you use it, the more it will become familiar in your hand and tasteful. They will not break even if dropped, so you can use them for a long time.

Yatsuyanagi Flower Petal Akita Cherry Bark Work Chopsticks Rest Set

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Chopstick rests made of porcelain and stoneware, which are ceramics, come in a wide variety of colors and are resistant to stains. The smooth, shiny material is cool and recommended for spring and summer settings. Like glass, it can be washed with detergent, making it easy to care for.

Hozan Kiln Sakura Rabbit Kyo Ware Chopstick Rest Set

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Stainless steel chopstick rests bring a simple, stylish and modern look. Many are lightly shaped and bring a sense of rhythm to the table. Larger ones can also be used as cutlery rests.LacquerwareThis material is typical of traditional Japanese crafts and is characterized by its unique sense of luxury. Recommended for special occasions such as celebrations. It also makes an ideal gift.

Tsubame Hutlery Gold Ginkgo Leaf Chopstick Rest

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Many paper chopstick rests can be freely shaped, and the fact that you can make them yourself is very attractive. For celebrations such as New Year's, chopstick rests made of mizuhiki (decorative Japanese cord made from twisted paper) will make your dining table even more festive.

Tsuda Mizuhiki "knot" Plum Kaga Mizuhiki Chopstick Rest

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