12 August 2022

Recommended English Recipe Medias for Japanese Food

If you like tableware, you are probably what we call a foodie who knows the food presentation matters a lot. Great tableware often opens up a whole new culinary world. It finds a new dimension in the way you chose the ingredients for your dishes, cooking with them, and serving them to make a memorable dining experience.

At Musubi Kiln, we believe that the combination of tableware and food is fascinating, and would like to help our customers enrich their dining scene. We would be happy if you could enjoy Japanese food more and feel closer to it through our Japanese tableware.

Now, we would like to introduce a Japanese food recipe site of our choice. Each of them has a different characteristics and are full of love of their recipes. Let's find the one you are looking for and try it out! 


  • Just One Cookbook (JOC) 
  • Miwa's Japanese Cooking
  • Pickled Plum
  • Peaceful Cuisine
  • Japanese Cooking101

Just One Cookbook (JOC) 

Just One Cookbook (JOC) was created in 2011 by Namiko Chen (Nami) Hirasawa with a focus on authentic and modern Japanese recipes.

The website is a one-stop store for all home cooks who want to make inspiring Japanese food. Through detailed instructions and beautiful photos, JOC teaches you how to make authentic Japanese food overseas in an easy-to-understand way.

It also aims to bring readers closer to Japan itself through cultural and travel guides to various regions of Japan. Whether you're passionate about Japanese cuisine or simply looking to expand your skills in the kitchen and try something new, Just One Cookbook will be a fascinating and reliable window into Japanese cuisine and culture.

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NO RECIPES was founded by Marc Matsumoto who have loved to cook since before he could see over the kitchen counter. He makes recipes taste better while making them easier to prepare and share them by teaching us the techniques we need to know to elevate our everyday meals.

 Through 1000+ step-by-step recipes and 100+ recipe videos, his goal is to explain the why behind basic cooking techniques, not just the how and to give us the confidence and inspiration to have fun in the kitchen.

In addition to Japanese food, a wide range of Asian and vegan recipes are posted on the site, with eye-catching photos, detailed explanations from the choice of ingredients and easy-to-understand videos that make the reader want to try making the dishes. From beginners to professionals, this is a recipe site that will motivate you to cook.

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Miwa's Japanese Cooking

This YouTube channel is created by Miwa, who was born and raised in Japan and has several years of experience abroad.

As a mother of two boys, she shares the taste of Japanese home cooking with simple and easy-to-follow recipes.In the video, she shows how she enjoys cooking with her children. Cooking is an essential part of life. As conveyed through carefully prepared breakfasts and other meals, the videos express the wish to cherish everyday meals.

In addition, she has been offering Japanese cooking classes in English in Tokyo since 2017. Watching the video, you will feel as if you are attending her cooking class in Japan. With the current situation where it is not easy to travel, this is a channel you will definitely want to check out.

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CHEF'S LABO is a YouTube channel established by Taku, who lives in Australia. The concept of the channel is "professional taste at home," and it provides professional recipes that can be made without special equipment or techniques.

Recipes that have been tried and tested based on scientific evidence are introduced in detailed instructions with close-ups of the process at hand. The result, which draws out the umami from the multiplication of ingredients and cooking methods, is truly the taste of a chef. Beyond the scope of home cooking, the channel has a reputation as a channel that is often referenced by professionals.

Just by watching the skillful cooking, you will feel as if your own cooking skills have improved a little, and you will want to try your hand at cooking.

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Pickled Plum

Pickled Plum’s founder, Caroline Caron-Phelps is a Japanese/French Canadian recipe creator, food blogger, and photographer. She showcases delicious, authentic Asian recipes that are mostly pescatarian and plant based. Each dish includes easy-to-follow instructions, videos, and practical recipe variations.

Caroline spent the majority of her twenties living in Asia where she discovered a passion for cooking. Her experience living in Tokyo, Singapore, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Taipei, and Malaysia, as well as her career as a model, have allowed her to develop her own unique cooking methods that give her the freedom to create the dishes and flavors she loves while reducing fat and excess calories.

Every recipe is delicious, easy to prepare, meatless, almost dairy-free and healthy. The blog has grown a loyal following and amassed over a thousand recipes.

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Justine, who hosts the website, says she gradually became attached to Japan after buying chopsticks around 1986 and becoming a vegetarian around the same time.

After her first trip to Japan at age 40, she became fascinated with cooking, especially Japanese food recipes. The recipes in this website are designed to bring the readers feel closer to the seasons and traditions of Japan through her cooking. The dishes are inspired by vegan Japanese cuisine and have an originality twist. Readers can learn more about the dishes themselves as well as the cultural backgrounds, something that those who love Japanese culture will surely be able to fully appreciate. The website is filled with wonderful insights that make you feel that food plays a crucial part of the unique culture of a place.

The blog also has a travelogue section. If you are thinking of going to Japan, you should be able to get some great inspiration for places to visit.

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Peaceful Cuisine

Based in Kyoto, Ryoya Takashima has captivated audiences with his YouTube channel, Peaceful Cuisine, offering a harmonious blend of vegan culinary delights. Showcasing everything from traditional Japanese recipes to Western-inspired vegan confections, each video reflects Takashima's meticulous dedication to his craft. But the experience doesn't stop with flavors; the channel also provides glimpses of his travels, DIY pottery creations, and a passion for music. For a truly immersive experience, viewers have the choice of two versions of his culinary presentations – one enriched with the therapeutic sounds of ASMR, and another set to calming musical melodies. 

Beyond just recipes, Peaceful Cuisine stands as a testament to Takashima's philosophy on food. He encourages viewers to delve deeper into the origins of each ingredient, fostering appreciation for every step in the culinary journey. From hand-roasting organic raw coffee beans to crafting mocha fudge ice cream, Takashima's attention to detail is evident.

Peaceful Cuisine is an invitation to celebrate the art of vegan cooking, to embrace mindfulness in the kitchen, and to truly savor every bite with a deeper understanding and appreciation.

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Japanese Cooking101

Japanese Cooking 101, lovingly curated by Noriko and Yuko - two passionate Japanese mothers residing in the U.S., offers a treasure trove of culinary knowledge for those intrigued by the intricacies of Japanese cuisine. Recognizing that while Japanese food has gained immense popularity worldwide, many still find it a challenge to replicate these dishes at home. They've tailored their platform specifically for beginners. Through a comprehensive collection of foundational videos, they elucidate the nuances of Japanese ingredients and introduce classic side dishes with precision.

Their goal is more than just education - it's about transformation. They envision a world where Japanese cooking isn't just a special treat enjoyed at restaurants but becomes a regular, heartwarming presence in home kitchens. To further their commitment in spreading the joy of Japanese culinary arts, they've also unveiled a cookbook titled "Simply Bento." This book stands as a clear reflection of their dedication, ensuring that authentic and mouthwatering Japanese recipes are accessible and achievable for enthusiasts all over the globe.

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Finding the right recipe for you may seem easy, but it is actually a challenge. All of the English websites for Japanese recipes introduced here are designed with kind and easy-to-follow instructions so that they can be easily prepared overseas. From beginners to professionals, these recipes are full of delicious-looking dishes that will make you feel like cooking them. We hope you will enjoy a delightful mealtime with your home-made dishes and your favorite tableware!