Table Setting #101
A Fun Afternoon with Japanese Sweets and Tea  

Amaze your guest with sweet and savory delights served in a three-tiered Kutani Ware Jubako Bento box at your next afternoon get-together.
Serve your favorite Japanese tea, and have a fun and relaxing afternoon. 


  • Invite a Friend! 
  • Filled with Fun: The Kutani Three Tiers Jubako Bento Box 
  • Enjoying Your Favorite Tea 
  • Featured Items

Key points of this table setting

1.  Invite a Friend!   

There is no need for a special occasion to invite someone over for a chat.
Reconnect with an old friend or get to know a new neighbor or colleague with sweets and Japanese tea all beautifully served in authentic Japanese tableware items. 

We set the table in a relaxing yet elegant style using an array of exquisite pieces from our collection. The Kutani ware Jubako Bento box is at the center of the table, and will probably be the center of the starting conversation, too. Each tier is neatly lined up on the table runner, making all the delicious sweets easy to share. 

The plate used for the fresh Japanese confectionary "wagashi, " and the side dishes are Arita ware from Zuiho Kiln. The shape and the metallic color of the Zuiho Kiln Bellflower plate add a refined touch to the table and highlight the beauty of the wagashi. 
The added accessories such as the Nishijin Ori Brocade Chopstick Case and the napkin band with the auspicious knot all convey your warm hospitality to your guest. 

2. Filled with Fun: The Kutani Three Tiers Jubako Bento Box  

An item that adds color and design to tea party table setting. 
This Kutani ware three tiers Jubako bento box comes in the stunning colors of the Yoshidaya style, yellow, green and touches of purple. The flowers designed on the bento box are "aoi" flowers,  yellow hibiscuses. They have uniquely-shaped green leaves and is one of our most popular designs. 
This bento box is big enough to hold an adequate amount of sweet and savory delights for two with three separate menus being served in three separate tiers. 
And to match the vivid colors of the bento box, we used the Yoshidaya Peach and Bird Kutani Kobachi Bowl to serve a fruit mix. 

3. Enoying Your Favorite Tea  

To highlight the beautiful Kutani ware bento box, we toned down on the color and the style for the tea ware and vase. All in dark brown colors, each item blends in naturally into the tablescape. The wood grains and the shape of tray are also nice accents to the simply coordinated tableware items. 

We love to use the Black and Gold Shigaraki Ware Small Flower Vase on the table to display branches and flowers with elegant curvatures. 
The vase with its sculptural shape is always a nice item to have on a table. 

Having a guest over for some tea and sweets is a nice gesture to show you're thinking about them and that you enjoy their company. 
Light up the occasion with dainty sweets in tasteful Japanese tableware and enjoy a pleasurable afternoon together. 

Featured item

Zuiho Kiln

Zuiho Kiln was established in 1917. Having built a kiln in the Arita Sotoyama area, Zuiho Kiln has always felt the changes in the times. They have continued to produce original tableware for restaurants including traditional Japanese style restaurants, Ryotei. They also produce tableware that people can use in their everyday lives and that have warmth only felt in handmade products.   

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