Table Setting #148
Savoring the Fruits of Summer with Charming Tobe Ware   

At the height of summer, nothing quite compares to the pleasure of enjoying seasonal vegetables and fruit in their glorious colors and flavors. And this joy is magnified when these summer delights are served on lovely tableware like the delicately painted Tobe ware plates and bowls from Higashi Kiln.

Indulge in a celebration of summer's bounty that is as visually enchanting as it is delicious.


  • Scene for a Summer Feast
  • The Allure of Floral Designs from Higashi Kiln
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Points of This Table Setting

1.  Scene for a Summer Feast

During the summer season, your table can really come alive with fresh fruits and vegetables. Fresh picks from the garden send a joyful message of abundance to the meal. 

Slices of watermelon vibrantly decorate the center of the table boasting the abundance of summer. A simple spread of coordinated plates make it easy to set up a table decor for a summer get-together. 

Decadent fresh scallop pasta topped with fresh shiso (Japanese perilla) leaves is a great menu for a summer lunch. Bowls of mixed salad greens, ripe tomatoes and corn in a porcelain bowl create an eye-catching menu. 

A pot of coffee is often thought of as something to be enjoyed in winter, but it can be a wonderful complement to a summer setting. Place a cast iron trivet under your coffee pot to create a dark-hued contrast with the soft pastels of the Tobe porcelain. The mugs in two differing floral patterns can be the perfect drinkware for a refreshing cup of java, making your lunch all the more cozy and comfortable.

2. The Allure of Floral Designs from Higashi Kiln   

A serene summer scene can be achieved with the beautiful array of Tobe porcelain pieces from Higashi Kiln. These delicate blooms provide a sense of peace and grace, perfect for adding a touch of charm to any setting.

The stunning color of soothing blue for the P.S. Blue series and soft hues of green and light blue from their Light Fleur series complement each other well to fill a table with a bouquet of flowers. 

Moreover, these floral designs make an excellent backdrop to enhance all of nature's artistry that has flourished under brilliance of the summer sun. Their bright colors and unique shapes really stand out on the delicate hand-painted plates and bowls from Higashi Kiln.

White backgrounds partnered up with subtle floral patterns offer a peaceful contrast which helps make any tabletop presentation look both attractive and harmonious.

Bringing the riches of summer to your table is simple when you have beautifully crafted tableware. Turn a meal into a refreshing experience for all five senses as you and your guests enjoy a delicious pasta lunch along with the charm of Tobe ware. It is a perfect way to celebrate the season with family and friends!

Featured Items

Tobe Higashi Kiln Light Fleur Series  

The Light Fleur Series features plates and bowls decorated with large-petaled flowers in soothing shades of green and blue. These floral designs echo the delicate texture of Japanese washi paper, making this series an enchanting addition to any table setting. Artisan, Alyne Ohigashi's deep appreciation for the splendor of nature is beautifully expressed in the Light Fleur Series.

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