Table Setting #149
Summer Celadon with Black

The tranquil light blue of celadon can be matched with the unexpected choice of black for a striking summer table decor. In a season when we envision cool colors and bright table settings, it may not seem the most intuitive time to incorporate tableware in deep tones, but adding glossy black accents on a clean celadon base can create an impressive balance that is both visually impactful and refreshingly contemporary.

Here's how to weave in black with your light blue celadon plates to create a stunning summer tablescape.


  • Incorporating Black into a Summer Table
  • A Whisper of Tranquility
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Key points of this table setting

1. Incorporating Black into a Summer Table 

Black tones lend sophistication to Japanese tableware, adding an air of formality and modernity as black lacquerware does with its glossy texture and smooth exterior. The shine and glow of a deep and thick black provide a contrast that elevates the sensory experience. 

We incorporated this tasteful allure of black into our table setting featuring celadon from Hataman Touen. Using black with lighter shades like the cool blue of celadon can emphasize a sense of summertime freshness. The black bowls from the Modern Jubako Bento Box aligned with the light sky-hue create an impactful, yet pleasing display.

Conversely, the serene shades of celadon can tone down the intensity of black, making for a nice and balanced look. Black tableware, with its rich and deep hue, can actually highlight the vivid colors of summer menus, making them pop visually and giving its presentation more depth. 

2. A Whisper of Tranquility

The unique shade of celadon and its smooth surface have an undeniable charm that radiates a tranquil aura. It invokes the peacefulness of a clear summer sky, offering a refreshing coolness perfect for hot summer days.

But the beauty of celadon goes beyond just its color. Exquisite craftsmanship involved in its creation, are reflected in the textured patterns and intricate floral designs that adorn these pieces. 

A perfect blend of the pale blue of celadon with the contemporary addition of dainty gold accents provides an exquisite feel of sophistication and refinement. 

A perfect summer setting can be achieved with the beautiful pairing of black and light blue celadon. The boldness of the black is complemented by the serenity of light blue celadon, creating an atmosphere that expresses cool sophistication. This combination has modern appeal, its look conveying a refined style while also radiating a relaxed summer spirit. It's an ideal way to celebrate summer with a special touch of class.

Featured Items

Arita Porcelain Lab Conic Series

The Conic Modern Jubako Bento Box from Arita Porcelain Lab's Conic series is a versatile culinary showpiece, adaptable for any occasion and fitting seamlessly into every season. This distinctive bento box comprises three uniquely sized bowls and a plate, each thoughtfully crafted embodying beauty in utility.

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Hataman Touen Moist Series

The traditional method of creating celadon in Nabeshima ware is distinguished by its pale blue hue, evoking the image of an Okawachiyama morning veiled in a delicate mist. Hataman has taken on the challenge of creating a new expression of celadon porcelain, and has created the matte-textured Moist series with a sandblasted finish. The moist texture is very smooth to the touch, and the fresh green gradation gives a cool and refreshing feel.

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