Table Setting #162
Fall Gatherings: Discovering the Treasures of Sometsuke Tableware

The gentle chill of fall invites close-knit moments and reflective gatherings. We've set the table with timeless blue and white sometsuke tableware, striking a balance between coziness and elegance. Sharing a meal with a cherished friend or family member in this serene setting, the Sometsuke porcelain beautifully stages every dish. And as you savor each sip of warm sake, there's a silent appreciation for all the season unfolds, delighting both the eye and the palate.


  • The Classic Beauty of Blue and White in Mikawachi Ware 
  • Autumn Dishes Paired with Sometsuke Elegance
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Key points of this table setting

1. The Classic Beauty of Blue and White in Mikawachi Ware

The allure of Sometsuke lies in its pristine blue lines, making it the perfect choice for showcasing autumn's culinary wonders. The Sometuske tableware of Mikawachi ware is celebrated for its subtle and delicate blue hue, notable for its intricate artwork. The clarity and simplicity of this bi-colored porcelain provide a harmonious canvas for an array of colorful dishes. With the season's hues of oranges, reds, and browns, the porcelain not only complements but also elevates each dish. 

The porcelain's radiant white set against the table's dark background creates a vivid contrast and emphasizes the details of the Mikawachi ware but also sets a modern, refined mood.

The Yamanaka lacquerware tray brings a structural elegance to the tableau, ensuring each dish and element finds its rightful place.

Enhancing the tablescape's allure are subtle details like the refined dessert forks and metal leaf chopstick rests. Silver metallic accents introduce a layer of contemporary finesse to the setting.

2. Autumn Dishes Paired with Sometsuke Elegance

Whether it's sumptuous smoked duck or a freshly ripened fig, each bite at our table is a vivid reminder of autumn's bounty. This delectable spread not only highlights the season's flavors but also creates an inviting atmosphere, perfect for cherished moments with a guest.

Savor thin slices of duck adorned with ginkgo nuts, set beside a yuzu cup holding a tantalizing appetizer—truly a symphony of flavors.

We feature a delightful bowl of rice crowned with grilled salmon. Over this, Japanese green tea is poured, transforming it into "Ochazuke." Ochazuke seamlessly blends the fresh flavors of Japanese green tea with its accompanying ingredients. It is a cherished rice dish in Japan and is celebrated for its smooth, easy-to-eat texture.

Slices of freshly cut figs, their tiny seeds glistening on the edges as if to symbolize the season's abundance, adorn the bright white porcelain of Mikawachi ware.

Dining in this tablescape allows you to enjoy the essence of autumn, enveloped by the gentle touch of Sometsuke porcelain. This tableau, a blend of tradition and artistry, paves the way for endearing fall memories and unveils the elegance of exquisite Sometsuke tableware.

Featured Items

Kakusho Kiln  

A historically prestigious kiln which once served the lordship of Hirado Domain in the Edo Period (1600 CE-1867 CE). Kakusho Kiln has passed on the traditional art of Blue and White for more than 300 years. Its porcelain is light, elegant, and pleasing to touch, with a soft blue hue that's gentle on the eyes.

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