Table Setting #174
Luxury Luncheon: Celebrating Good Fortune in Style

As we move past New Year's festivities, the allure of auspicious dining occasions remains. Embracing the deep-rooted symbolism in auspicious motifs, our table is perfect for special occasions or adding tradition to everyday meals. Delight in our tablescape with a theme of good fortune, and find out how to brighten your meals with the magic of auspiciously designed pieces.


  • A Spread of Good Fortune and Happiness
  • Symbols of Celebration
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Key points of this table setting

1. A Spread of Good Fortune and Happiness 

The golden placemats from Hakuichi serve as the ideal foundation, offering a luxurious backdrop. Their warm glow not only invites a sense of celebration but also organizes the smaller, yet significant, elements of the setting. Atop these placemats, the small plates, with their unique shapes of plums, Japanese fans, and mizuhiki knots, add a layer of cultural interest, symbolizing prosperity, longevity, and harmony. 

The Kutani Jubako bento box, adorned with the colorful hanazume design, consistently captivates the eye with its vibrant floral patterns also adding a narrative of beauty to the table's visual appeal.

The plum-shaped Aizu lacquerware tray, with its glossy lacquer finish, creates a striking contrast against the sleek black tableau. This vivid tray not only segments but also complements the table, enhancing the overall aesthetic and instilling a sense of balance. It serves as an exquisite piece for presenting a small bottle of sake accompanied by two ochoko cups.

2.  Symbols of Celebration

Gracefully integrated into table settings for both special events and daily dining, symbols of prosperity and joy create a heartfelt connection to cherished traditional customs and beliefs. Our centerpiece features a pine branch adorned with mizuhiki chopstick rests, complementing our Arita ware plates.

Using tableware with meaningful designs can enhance the enjoyment of everyday meals.
Take a close look at some special items we chose for our tablescape. 

This Arita plate, adorned with a plum blossom knot, carries deep meanings of good health, warding off evil, and unbreakable bonds. It's seen as a lucky charm, for the knot's tightness signifies enduring ties.

Crafted in the delicate form of a single plum blossom, a flower cherished for its early bloom after winter's chill, these petite kobachi bowls subtly whisper of the occasion's joy and celebration.

The crane is revered as the most emblematic symbol of longevity, and this chopstick rest, fashioned in the likeness of an origami-folded crane, embodies this symbol beautifully. Decorated with gold leaf, this chopstick rest adds another layer of charm and joy to the table setting.

Selecting tableware imbued with symbols of joy and hope can elevate even the simplest meals into memorable experiences. Craft a warm, inviting table that honors a rich cultural heritage, enriching moments spent at your dining table.

Featured Items


Founded in 1975, Hakuichi is a pioneer in the gold leaf industry, having designed and developed its own brand of craft products and carved out a direct sales channel. Hakuichi is the only comprehensive gold leaf company in Japan that handles everything from the production of gold leaf to the sale of gold leaf crafts.

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