Table Setting #179
A Sakura Tea Party in a Wave of Beauty

Spring is on the verge of arrival, signaling the advent of the cherry blossom season. For our tablescape, we have chosen Hasami ware adorned with the seigaiha pattern. The wave design seems to gently wash away the cold of winter, bringing us the warm, oceanic breezes that usher in the warmth of spring, carrying along the delicate fragrance of cherry blossoms. This setting creates a perfect ambiance for the enjoyment of Japanese tea, allowing you to fully immerse in the tranquil elegance of the season.


  • Sakura Splendor: A Spring-inspired Tablescape
  • The Delicate Design of Hasami Ware
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Key points of this table setting

1. Sakura Splendor: A Spring-inspired Tablescape

Welcoming a new season, our latest teaware collection encapsulates the joy and camaraderie of tea time. It's like a fresh spring breeze for your table. In their delicacy, porcelain carries the soft touch of spring, while delivering the gentle flavors of Japanese tea.

Enjoy the beauty of sakura blossoms with sakura tea in the small kumidashi teacups with accompanying lids. As the lid is slowly lifted, the blossoms gradually come into view, creating an enchanting sight. Paired with the wave patterns, the entire scene becomes incredibly romantic.

These Hasami plates, themed with ocean waves are thoughtfully designed with wavy edges, which feel smooth and delicate to the touch. Atop the plate rests a traditional Japanese snack, sakura mochi. This delicacy wraps red bean paste in a light pink rice cake, further enveloped in a salted cherry leaf, exuding a fresh and sweet aroma. 

Another traditional and immensely popular Japanese snack is dango. In our table setting, the dangos are placed on a Mikawachi Ware small plate. With their exquisite painted designs, these plates lend a refreshing and vibrant touch to the dining table.

2. The Delicate Design of Hasami Ware

The Hasami teaware, adorned with the seigaiha pattern, showcases an exquisite wave design, enriched with a golden Mt. Fuji motif at the base of the cups and the knob of the teapot's lid, elevating the set's unique Japanese essence. Set alongside the plate, these tea items are a joy to use in any season, yet it especially blossoms during spring and summer with its refreshing sophistication.

The wave patterns are layered, gradually becoming denser from the outside in, creating a three-dimensional aesthetic beauty. The waves are composed of divine blue and white lines, offering a harmonious contrast in colors.

Our sakura tea table is a lively toast to spring! With the tea set and plates bringing a breezy elegance, they're perfect for those sunny spring days spent with family and friends. Celebrate the joy of spring, in a cozy, spirited setup that's all about new starts and the joy of being together, perfectly capturing the cherry blossom season's fleeting yet memorable beauty.

Featured Items

Midou Kiln Seigaiha Series

The Seigaiha Series from Midou Kiln showcases a captivating blue wave design which represents outwardly expanding waves, signifying the spread of prosperity and connections. The series is renowned for its intricate and delicate detailing, which draws the attention of onlookers. Hope the Seigaiha Series can help you better enjoy the upcoming spring.

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