Table Setting #187
Sake Elegance: The Dance of Celadon on Gold

Beauty and good fortune unite in an array of stunning shapes and sizes with Hataman Toen's exquisite celadon plates. Paired with authentic hues and motifs of Japanese tradition, their soft blue emerges with newfound sophistication.

Our menu of seasonal Japanese delicacies accompanied with refreshing sake, gains an added layer of porcelain elegance rich in texture, patterns, and contrast. Experience a newly discovered harmony of colors to savor spring's bounty.


  • Celadon's Grace: A Distinguished Sake Celebration
  • Auspicious Symbols of Spring 
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Key points of this table setting

1. Celadon's Grace: A Distinguished Sake Celebration

A table shimmering with the soft luminescence of celadon against muted gold is the base of our tablescape. The rich burgundy of lacquerware and sake ware accent the ensemble, delicately balancing charm with refinement.

Rinkuro's iconic style of Old Imari serves as a graceful conduit between the serene blue of celadon and the vibrant burgundy. Its intricate designs of waves and diamonds weave the colors into a cohesive tapestry, complementing the lively hues of sashimi and sushi wrapped in bamboo leaves.

With its tender hue, this plate evokes the serene charm of early spring skies and the glistening dew on young leaves. Crafted in the auspicious imagery of bamboo trees, this piece stands as a beautiful representation of the legacy of Nabeshima celadon. 

Spring-bottled sake blossoms with a distinct freshness, infused with a delicate floral scent and sometimes a hint of pleasant bitterness. It pairs well with seasonal dishes like grilled bamboo shoots, and scallop sashimi. The gold-adorned sake ware of Kinzan Kiln makes sharing and savoring sake ascend to a cherished occasion.

2. Auspicious Symbols of Spring

Our new arrivals from Hataman Touen's Moist series dress your table with designs that will bring good fortune.

This serving plate, meticulously shaped like a sea bream, or tai in Japanese, carries with it a delightful pun—echoing medetai, a term that signifies auspiciousness and celebration. It's a joyful addition to any table, perfectly suited for serving grilled or baked fish.

Despite its petite stature, this chopstick rest, inspired by the uchide-no-kozuchi—a mallet of luck believed to grant wishes with a shake—embodies profound symbolism for attracting good fortune. Its matte texture unique to the Moist series, combined with the gentle, pale green hue, makes it a beautifully refined piece for resting your chopsticks.

Spring in Japan wouldn't be complete without the unfettered blossoming of the sakura. With it comes the joy of gatherings, where good food and sake are shared among friends and family. May this table inspire you to introduce celadon into your home, inviting a sense of lightness and tenderness unique to its hue.

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Hataman Touen is a company that aims to create a "new Nabeshima" while preserving the history and traditional craft of Imari Nabeshima ware, which has continued for 370 years. Based on the belief that "traditional crafts can only be inherited if they are closely connected to daily life," the company offers tableware that enriches the spirit and sensibility of today's modern lifestyles.

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