Table Setting #194
Sakura Splendor with Akita Cherry Bark Work Plates

As cherry blossoms give way to fresh verdure, the tradition of savoring seasonal delicacies continues to unfold on Akita cherry bark work plates from Yatsuyanagi. As you gather around a table adorned with these artistic plates, each bite becomes a tribute to the splendor of the season, enhancing the connection between culinary delights and the blossoming world around us.


  • Experiencing the Gentle Ambience of Spring
  • Enjoy the Artistry of Yatsuyanagi Cherry Bark Plates
  • Featured Item

Key points of this table setting

1. Experiencing the Gentle Ambience of Spring

The soft, moist breeze whispering through the air brings with it a sense of renewal and tranquility that is echoed in this table setting. Displaying the ethereal beauty of cherry blossom trees, our table is dressed in cute shades of pink, warm wooden brown, and metallic pastel colors, capturing the essence of the season. This natural palette not only enhances the visual charm but also harmonizes with the fresh atmosphere that spring bestows. Accompanied by golden mimosas, this table celebrates the delicate interplay of color and light that is uniquely inspired by this time of year. 

The MERU Sui Gold Line Mino Ware Kobachi Bowl, with its faint, pale green color and golden rim, paired with the light pink domyoji mushi inside, resembles a watercolor painting. Lidded bowls are perfect for serving hot dishes like this steamed delicacy. Similar in appearance to the traditional Japanese sweet sakura mochi, the dish presents elegantly against the serene hue of the bowl.

As dark soy sauce is poured into the Hiracle Sakura Kutani Sauce Plate Set, it seems as if a cherry blossom is slowly blooming on the table. The Hakuichi HAKU LA TABLE Fleur Placemat, reflecting a metallic silver glow, adds a lively and modern touch to the charming dining setup.

2. Enjoy the Artistry of Yatsuyanagi Cherry Bark Plates

The Yatsuyanagi Akita cherry bark work plate employs the traditional and sophisticated techniques of kabazaiku. It perfectly preserves the natural texture of cherry bark while being adorned with a cherry blossom pattern composed of shimmering shell inlays. The overall effect radiates a soft, moist glow, capturing the ephemeral beauty of cherry bark.

In addition to its function as a plate, it is also well-suited as a tray for organizing small cups and plates on a tabletop. Its glossy surface is best preserved by avoiding prolonged contact with wet items, effectively enhancing the appearance of the items it holds.

The Yatsuyanagi cherry bark work plates, adorned with intricate designs, hold memories of fleeting spring days. With each gathering, they help weave a tapestry of shared stories and laughter, all set against a backdrop of cherry blossoms and enhanced by the thoughtful details of this table decor.

Featured Item

Yatsuyanagi Checkered Pattern Akita Cherry Bark Work Plates

Since its establishment in 1876, Yatsuyanagi has been engaged in the manufacture and sale of wild cherry bark work for generations in Kakunodate, Senboku City, Akita Prefecture, a place rich in nature. They are a manufacturer that puts their heart and soul into each product, using high technology that has been handed down from generation to generation to create items for daily life that are both easy to use and aesthetically pleasing.

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