Table Setting #39
Fun Christmas Party Around a Clay Pot

Let's have a unique Christmas party where everyone warms up around a hot pot dish shaped in a Christmas tree?

The clay pot and sushi rolls were placed in the center of the table for everyone to share. The entire space is decorated in white, red, and green colors to create a fun and festive Christmas atmosphere.

A heatproof dish is placed on a gold tray, and candles of different heights are placed on top of it. A pine wreath is placed around the candles to add to the mood. Placing tall candles on the table like this creates an extraordinary party atmosphere.

On the white tablecloth, I laid out a cotton mat with a Christmassy design. On top of that, I layered large plates, napkins, and bowls. Layers make an ordinary plate look more gorgeous. This time, I chose chopstick rests with a Christmas motif. Placing a chopstick rest with different motif for each guest can be a good conversation starter.

For the wine glasses, I chose a beautiful gold pair of Kutani ware. Designed with gold leaf applied on a green and red base, they are gorgeous and perfect for a party.

The Christmas tree hot pot, the star of this party, is structured like this. First, chopped cabbage is placed on the bottom of the pot. On top of that, arrange bean sprouts and enoki mushrooms high up to form a tree shape. Wrap it around the thin slices of pork belly to make a Christmas tree. Decorate with bell peppers, Mizuna greens and carrots.

Brush a mixture of soy sauce, sesame seeds, and mirin over on the pork and sear it on a burner to give it a savory aroma and make the party more exciting.