Table Setting #88
Oroshi Nabe with Blue Ginpo Kikka Banko Donabe Japanese Clay Pot

Enjoy a nice and cozy clay pot dinner with this rustic table setting filled with natural colors. 
The Blue Ginpo Kikka Banko Donabe Japanese Clay Pot is stylishly designed to make a great center piece on the table. Add tableware items that are reminiscent of a dining scene at an old style home in the Japanese countryside for that extra touch of comfort and warmth. 


  • The Donabe Center Piece 
  • Donabe Accessories
  • Pick Your Favorite! 
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Points of This Table Setting

1. The Donabe Center Piece

A well-designed donabe clay pot is a wonderful item to have as a center piece for a winter dinning table. 
The Blue Ginpo Kikka Banko Donabe Clay Pot comes with a lid designed like a chrysanthemum in a shiny indigo color that can highlight a table on a chilly day. The pot is deep enough to hold a plentiful amount of soup for a hearty clay pot meal. 
To add to the rustic mood, we used place mats with woven textures directly on the table and mainly used stoneware plates with small table accessories made of wood. 

The menu for this setting is "oroshi nabe" which is a clay pot menu where finely grated daikon(Japanese radish) is added to a standard meat and vegetable clay pot stew. The grated daikon contains enzymes that help the digestive system making this menu a delicious and healthy meal for winter. 

2.  Donabe Accessories

You may have noticed that you can accessorize a clay pot dinner with a wide variety of small tableware items. 
To organize some of the items, we used the Miyabi Urushi Nezuko Kiso Woodwork Seasoning Tray made out of cypress. And inside the tray are three spice containers in differing shapes and sizes and a toothpick holder, all made with Yamanaka Lacquerware.

The "tonsui" is an indispensable item for an authentic donabe dinner setting.
These serving bowls are made to hold a sufficient amount of soup from the donabe to enjoy the ingredients inside the donabe and the soup. One side of the bowl has a small handle to avoid the heat from the hot soup. 

This grater from Nichijo-Sahanki is also a beautifully and practically designed piece that goes well with a donabe. Graters tend to be white or made with plastic, but this grater is in a stylish black and is made out of Banko ware. You can add the juicy and fluffy grated daikon directly into the donabe, or in the individual "tonsui" bowls. 

3. Pick  Your Favorite!

Have some fun at the table by letting your guests choose a sake cup of their liking.
We first selected the Hozan Kiln Sangiri Bizen Ware Sake Set and then added three more cups, each with a slightly different design.  Enjoy a warm cup of sake with your favorite cup. 

Pick a stylish clay pot like the Blue Ginpo Kikka Banko Donabe Japanese Clay Pot to make donabe dinners for your family or invite friends for a donabe party!  

Featured Item 

Blue Ginpo Kikka Banko Donabe Japanese Clay Pot

In 1932, Sutematsu Kumamoto, the founder of the company, built a factory to realize high-quality manufacturing. He always carefully listened to the voices of users and continued to develop earthenware pots that fit the needs of people's lives. The "Kikka" series, completed through this history, continues to bring smiles to diners all around the world.

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