19 January 2022

Musubi Kiln’s Office Lunch #02
A Hand-Rolled Sushi Party to Welcome Our New Staff!!

For the Office Lunch #2, we threw a temaki (hand-rolled) sushi party to welcome a new staff member who has just joined our office. Since it is an office lunch during work hours, we only have a little time to spend on preparation. We are grateful to the staff who always prepare a delicious lunch in such a short time. The menu this time was everyone's fave, temaki sushi!!

Temaki sushi is one of the most creative way to make sushi, and the key point of having temaki sushi party at home is that it is easy to prepare. Also, temaki sushi is fun to make by selecting your favorite sushi fillings, and can be enjoyed by both children and adults on either special or ordinary days.

To briefly explain how we prepared temaki sushi, first, we made the sushi rice (typically seasoned with a basic mixture of rice vinegar, salt, and sugar) according to the recipe in Just One Cookbook, using Ginpo Kikka Donabe Rice Cooker. 

While cooking the rice in the donabe rice pot, we cut the ingredients for the temaki sushi into bite-size pieces and cooked a tamago-yaki (Japanese rolled egg). We enjoyed chatting while waiting for the rice to cook. Oops! Be careful not to burn the rice with too much fun conversation!

How To Make Sushi Rice

The standard filling for temaki sushi, sashimi, should be cut into easy-to-roll sizes. This time, in addition to sashimi, we prepared the Japanese rolled egg, cucumber, takuan (pickled radish), raddish sprouts, and shiso leaves. There are no rules for temaki sushi. You can use any fillings that go well with sushi rice!!

The ingredient for temaki sushi was ready in no time at all on a table decorated with a beautiful spring-like table.

Everyone enjoyed putting their favorite sushi fillings that are wrapped with sushi rice in a piece of nori (crispy roasted seaweed) into an easy-to-grab, ice-cream-cone-shaped sushi roll. Thinking about what ingredients to put on top next is also an exciting and fun moment. 

To make it easy for each person to pick up the sushi fillings, we arranged them on a Hibino Stone Rich White Plate. The simple design and low height of the plate makes it easy to see what is on the plate even on a large table, and it also complements the ingredients. We all came up to the conclusion that this is an amazing plate that brings out the shape and texture of the ingredients! 

The chopstick rest in the shape of cherry petals made it easy to place chopsticks by fitting them into the hollows of the petals. Meal serving chopsticks made of bamboo are also useful when serving food on a plate. The serving chopsticks made by Yamachiku have a tapered end to make it easier to pick up the food.

Osuimono (Japanese clear soup) goes very well with sushi rolls. Gatoumikio Yamanaka Lacquerware bowls made of wood and lacquer keep the soup just the right warmth to the hand. 

The chrysanthemum-shaped plate with a beautiful cherry blossom design was a big hit among our staff, reminding us of spring. The size of the plate was also just right for placing the hand-rolled sushi.

Even the new staff member, who said she was a little nervous, seemed to enjoy this office lunch, making it another great success. How about planning a casual and enjoyable temaki sushi party at your home with your friend and family this weekend? It is sure to be fun!

Setsubun is coming soon. The next our Office Lunch #3 will be.... Stay tuned!!

Recommended Items Used at this Party 

Ginpo Kikka Banko Donabe Rice Cooker 5 rice cooker cups (5 Gou)

Rinkuro Kiln Old Imari Sakura Hasami Round Plate 6in

Hibino Stone Rich White Mino Ware Round Plate 11in

Hiracle Sakura Petals Kutani Sauce Plate Set

Yamachiku Okaeri Bamboo Long Chopsticks 30cm/11.8in・28cm/11in・26cm/10.2in

Gatomikio TSUMUGI BOKE Yamanaka Lacquerware Miso Soup Bowl