22 November 2022

The Chopsticks Musubi Kiln Staffs Hold Dear

The first piece of tableware that comes to your mind that you can't understand until you actually use it is probably chopsticks. At first glance, you may feel that they are all alike because their design is so simple, just two sticks, but actually there are huge differences among them. As you hold them, grab the food, put them in your mouth, wash them, etc., you will find out which one is easier to use.

The cupboard in the MUSUBI KILN office is lined with the same chopsticks as shown on our website. Most of the staff members eat lunch in the office, so they choose the chopsticks they use when they eat food prepared in the kitchen or when they eat their lunch in bento boxes. Some staff members choose different chopsticks every time they use them, such as new products, to see how they feel about them, while others have their own favorites that they find easy to use and choose almost the same ones every time. In this issue, we asked our staff what their favorite chopsticks are.


  • Moto’s pick
    →Yamachiku Geometric Pattern Lacquered White Bamboo Reusable Chopsticks 21cm/8.3in
  • Haruka’s pick
    →Issou Arima Wakasa Lacquer Chopsticks 21cm/8.3in or 23cm/9in
  • Mina’s pick
    →Issou Heavenly Bamboo Wakasa Lacquer Chopsticks 21cm/8.2in or 23cm/9in
  • Emi’s pick
    →Issou Moon and Rabbits Wakasa Lacquer Chopsticks 23cm/9.1in
  • Sayaka’s pick 
    →Perfect Fit Dishwasher Safe Wakasa Lacquer Reusable Chopsticks Yellow 15cm/5.9in - 22.5cm/8.9in

First, we asked Mototsugu san, the founder of MUSUBI KILN.

Moto’s pick
→Yamachiku Wave Lacquered White Bamboo Reusable Chopsticks 21cm/8.3in

“These Yamachiku's chopsticks have thin tips and edges that make them easy to hold. I always use them when eating fish, for example.”

“The natural bamboo texture matches any table, so I really recommend them for daily use. This is a great way to experience the quality of bamboo, which has long been used as a material for chopsticks in Japan.”

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Now let's hear some of the buyers' favorites.

Haruka’s pick
→Issou Arima Wakasa Lacquer Chopsticks 21cm/8.3in or 23cm/9in

“The Isso series of Wakasa lacquer chopsticks, a major chopstick production area, are all favorites of mine. Not only the various beautiful decorations, but also the non-slip tip of the chopsticks and their moderate weight make them comfortable to use.” 

“Among them, I especially like these Issou Arima Wakasa Lacquer Chopsticks, which I always choose for lunch at the office. The more I use them, the more comfortable they become in my hands. The gentle shades of pink and lavender look great against the transparent brown base. The thin gold lines give it a luxurious look.” 

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We also asked two writers!

Mina’s pick
→Issou Heavenly Bamboo Wakasa Lacquer Chopsticks 21cm/8.2in or 23cm/9in

Mina “I love the vermillion color of the Wakasa lacquerware and the detailed designs on the shell-inlay. When I first used these chopsticks, I actually wasn’t quite sure what the patterns were on the inlay. It was only after using them a couple of times, I found out that the design was of heavenly bamboo also known as Nandina. The Heavenly Bamboo is considered as an auspicious plant in Japan and the leaves are often used as garnish for authentic Japanese dishes.Getting good wishes from these chopsticks whenever I use them! ”

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Emi’s pick
→Issou Moon and Rabbits Wakasa Lacquer Chopsticks 23cm/9.1in

Emi “I chose these chopsticks as my favorite because they are fine-tipped chopsticks, making it easy to remove fish bones or pick up small items, and I appreciate the work of genuinely masterful craftsmanship. Also, I like two rabbits on the chopsticks that are decorated with abalone shells. They are simply beautiful!”

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Sayaka “It is just so light and easy to hold that it feels natural and comfortable in the hand. The non-slip tip does a good job and allows you to grab even hard-to-eat items such as noodles without stress. You will want to use these chopsticks every day.”

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Although everyone has their own hand size and preferred design, we were also surprised at how well the opinions were divided. It may be difficult to imagine what it is like to use chopsticks when purchasing online, but the MUSUBI KILN online store clearly specifies the design, size, and material of chopsticks, so please refer to them as well as the staff's opinions when making your selection. I am sure you will find your favorite.

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