13 March 2023

We Find Love in the Cupboard

At MUSUBI KILN, we enjoy the camaraderie of finding pleasure in the beauty and comfort of the wonderfully crafted tableware on our shelves together. We casually talk about our favorite items, why we like them and how we use them at home or at the office. It's always a delight to chat about the items we like and swap happy episodes of how our favorite items give us joy.

Let us share with you some stories about our favorites that have a special place in our hearts and make our daily routines brighter and happier. 


  • Chiaki's Happy Item - Hasami Ware Wave Series
  • Haruka's Happy Item - Hozan Kiln Sangiri Bizen Ware Japanese Teacups
  • Sayaka's Happy Item - Roji Associates Sky Blue Butterfly Nambu Ironware Cast Iron Teapot
  • Mika's Happy Item - Kokuzou Kiln Turkish Blue Graze Kutani Mug
  • My Happy Item - MERU Flamenco Modern Mino Ware Bowls

First up is one of our writers, Chiaki.

Chiaki's Happy Item

When I open my cupboard, out jumps a wonderful set of tableware that features a lion and an elephant. Both my children and I find these delightful designs utterly soothing, which can in turn magically brighten up our moods. When my little one was born, I wanted to have some cute tableware that featured animals. After using a few plastic items and ones with printed designs, I realized the longevity wasn't quite there as the plastic became scratched and the prints began to peel off.

What surprised me after using this one was not only how cute it looked, but also its high quality. Not only did it look cleverly designed, its quality proved to be top-notch as well. Its white, smooth porcelain is beautiful to look at, and featured a unique rim shape with exquisite hand-painted detailing that gave it a watercolor-like transparency, making this set almost impossible to find elsewhere.

At mealtimes, my son and daughter always pick out their favorite animals - a lion for him and an elephant for her. These delightful figures never fail to bring smiles to their faces and are an essential feature on our dining table.

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Next is our buyer, Haruka.

Haruka's Happy Item

A year ago, I purchased a mug from Hozan Kiln as a gift to my husband. He loved it! And after giving one to my husband, I followed suit and decided to purchase one for myself.

As some of you may already know, each Bizen ware item is unique, no two pieces are exactly alike. My husband and I each use the one with our own favorite "expression." Drinking coffee together with these mugs makes the little time we are able to spend together special and makes communicating much easier.

Last month, we purchased the Hozan Kiln Sangiri Bizen Ware Japanese Teacups and we love them, too! When I took them out of their paulownia box, I was so impressed by the organic patterns on the surfaces made by the flames of the kiln.

My husband usually does not help me prepare meals or clean up, and rarely comes into the kitchen. But now, he makes us tea with these Bizen ware Japanese teacups after dinner. And perhaps it's because we drink tea with them every day, I feel that the textures and colors have slightly changed just in a month's time. These subtle "changes" have given us a stronger attachment to our cups and I feel contentment in sharing this attachment with my husband.

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Happy colors is the key for Sayaka, our social media content creator.

Sayaka's Happy Item

The all so colorful Nambu Ironware Cast Iron Kettles are what make me happy!

I love bright and brilliant colors. My wardrobe is filled with items in radiant energetic colors that help lift up my spirits. Roji's Nambu Ironware Cast Iron Kettles have the same effect and perk up my spirits and make me happy.
And the combination of butterflies with blue, which I loved when I was young, still makes my heart sing!

I also use this kettle as an interior decoration because it has a striking presence that lightens up our living room just by placing it on a shelf. 
All the colors are so cute, I am already thinking about which color to choose next.

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Next is Mika, our new writer.

Mika's Happy Item 

I like to start my morning with a cup of coffee in this beautiful, Turkish blue mug. I really enjoy the elegant design and warmth I feel when using it.

Another nice surprise is that, when you look closely enough, the mug is dusted with fine glitter–adding a bit of sparkle to my day. I like how smooth it feels to the touch and having it nearby to admire!

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Lastly, me. 

My Happy Item

Yellow has never been a color choice for me. But the first time I saw these Meru Flamenco bowls, I instantly fell in love with them. The shiny textured surface with the rustic brown edges give this yellow color a gentle warmth that always puts a smile on my face.

These bowls made me realize that colors in my cupboard gave me, and my family, a sense of happiness. For breakfast, my daughter and I always reach out to get these Meru bowls for our morning cereal and oatmeal.

And my love for these bowls has rubbed off on my husband. Lately, I've noticed that he uses this bowl instead of his usual rice bowl to eat rice. He says he loves the curved bottom and the bright sunny hue of the Meru bowls. Happiness is contagious.

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When I presented the idea for this article to my colleagues, everyone kindly offered to share their own story about the item (or items) that bring them joy and contentment. I'm hoping everyone enjoyed the time they spent choosing their "happy item" and reflecting on what brings them happiness as much as I did. 

Tableware can be much more than a simple tool for eating. It can animate a conversation at the table, it can help strengthen family bonds, provide us with energy for the day ahead and can bring comfort at the end of a challenging day.
We hope that something from our store can be a source of happiness for you and your family, and bring real joy into your home.