01 October 2022

Guide for Table Runners

A table runner maybe one of the most versatile table linens that can be used to decorate a table. They come in various colors, materials, textures, and sizes. 
But after using them for a couple of times on the center of the table, sometimes they can get stowed away in the linen drawers because you've run out of ideas of when, where or how to use them. 

Here are some guides and tips on how your table runners that have been stashed away can make a come back to your table and other places in your home. We have different ideas on how to use them for different occasions.

Also, we'll show you our new collection of table runners from Kikyoya made from beautifully crafted Nishijin brocade. They are eye-catching items that will be the center of attention on any table or shelf. 


  • The Basic Layout 
  • Upgrading the Table
  • Not Only For Tables
  • Japanese Table Runner from Kikyoya
  • Beautiful Japanese Nishijin Ori Brocade Table Runners for Your Home

The Basic Layout

Plants for Spring

The most basic layout for a table runner is to use it lengthwise in the center of the table. You can lay it on top of a table cloth or just lay it directly on the table for a more casual look. 

The drape of the table runner should be about 20-30cm(7.9in-11.8in) from the side of the table. This length is the best proportion that complements the decor of the table. But if you have small children or pets that can reach this length, we recommend you do not let the ends of the runner fall over the table for their safety.

Upgrading Your Table

Plants for Summer

Here are some tips on other ways to set a runner on your table. 

For special occasions or a party, place the runner on a diagonal for a dramatic look.  The table runner will have a big impact on the total image of the table.

Plants for Summer

 If you have a large centerpiece for the table, lay the table runner across the shorter width of the table at the end. And set some small plates or some flowers on the runner. 

Not Only For Tables

Plants for Fall

There is no rule that a table runner can only be used for a table. 
Use it to decorate a plain side table or a dresser. Place some memorable photos or a vase on the runner to enhance their presence. 
Hang it on your wall like a tapestry and add color to a simple white wall. 
If the runner is long enough, you may be able to put it across your bed like a bed runner to beautify your bed setting like a hotel. 

Japanese Table Runners from Kikyoya

Plants for Winter

The table runners by Kikyoya are truly works or art.
Kikyoya table runners are made using traditional high quality Nishijin Ori pure silk fabric. The most distinctive characteristic of Nishijin fabric is that the silk thread is dyed before the fabric is woven. Thus, the fabric needs to be carefully designed before the actual weaving process begins. The threads are dyed in a variety of beautiful colors and are also covered with gold leaves. The golden threads make up the main elegant patterns of the Nishijin Ori brocade and give them a beautiful three-dimensional look.

Golden Maple Kutani Matcha Bowl Chawan

And what makes these table runners especially unique are the tassels at each end. The thread used for the tassels are dyed to match the pattern of the table runners and then are braided by hand.

This table runner is also a very practical piece of table decor. The fabric is double-lined and can be used on both sides. It is sturdy and durable and also water-resistant which makes it easy to care for. Matching the radiant and exquisite beauty of the runner, the tassels add an extra touch of elegance to the table and the room.

Beautiful Japanese Nishijin Ori Brocade Table Runners
 for Your Home

Add a Kikyoya table runner to your linen lineup to upgrade a table or any space in your home.
Send it as a gift to someone special. It is a wonderful item that represents the beauty of  traditional Japanese craftwork.
Decorate your home with the graceful and elegant beauty of a kimono with this table runner.

View Kikyoya Collection

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