30 March 2022

What is "Ichiju-Sansai" Japanese dinner setting?

Ichiju-Sansai" is the basis of Japanese cuisine. It is a set menu that combines "rice," the staple food of the Japanese, with "soup", "main dish" and two side dishes.

It is a well-balanced meal that provides the body with the three nutrients it needs: energy, body-building, and body-conditioning.


  • Rice
  • Miso soup
  • Main dish and two side dishes
  • Chopsticks and chopstick rest
  • Tray
  • Starter set for Authentic Japanese Cuisine


Provide carbohydrates as a source of energy. The Rice Bowl is placed closest to the person, on the left.

Rice Bowl Main

Miso soup

It provides water along with miso, which is highly effective in maintaining health. The Soup Bowl is placed closest to the person, on the right.

Main dish and two side dishes

The main dish provides protein, and the side dishes provide vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

As for placement, the main and side dishes placed furthest from the person. The most standard arrangement is to place the side dishes on the left and in the center and the main dish on the right, but it doesn't have to be that strict.

The main dish can be placed in the main plates or serving bowls. Side dishes can be placed in small kobachi bowls, side plates, or sauce plates.

Chopsticks and chopstick rest

Place the chopsticks in front of you with the handle facing your dominant hand. The tips of the chopsticks should be placed on the chopstick rest.


The tray & placemat is not necessary, but a tray makes things look better and makes serving and cleaning up easier.

Starter set for Authentic Japanese Cuisine

The items used here were selected by MUSUBI KILN stylist(@umeharaharu) from the perspective of users who do not yet own any Japanese tableware and which would be best for them to enjoy Japanese food at home from now on.

These handmade tablewares are used by many professionals, but the selection focuses on items that are relatively reasonably priced.

You can see a detailed description of each item from the collection below.