Japanese Tea Items

We have selected wonderful items from various parts of Japan that will increase the pleasure of your Japanese tea drinking experience. For more detailed guidance on how to choose the right item for the right occasion, click below.

Guide for Japanese Tea Sets

In Japan, there are a considerable number of types of tea produced in different areas, mainly in warm regions. There are also several production areas for teapots and teacups, each with its own unique characteristics. 

This is because the choice of teapot or teacup to use depends heavily on the type of tea leaves being served. For teas such as Bancha (coarse tea) and Hojicha (roasted green tea) which are made with boiling water, a cylindrical or thick teacup is recommended to prevent heat transfer. For Gyokuro (refined green tea) and Sencha teas(green tea of middle grade), it is best to use a small, thin teacup or Kumi-dashi (a teacup with a wider diameter) to enjoy the aroma and color.

Choose your favorite tea set from our wide selection of tea items to relax and enjoy the delicate flavors of Japanese tea. 

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