Table Setting #100
A Festive Japanese Meal in a Jubako Bento Box 

Japanese food served in a Jubako bento box upgrades a casual meal into a special occasion with a festive feel.  Create this new style with a Jubako bento box to entertain guests with Japanese cuisine.


  • Three tiers of Kutani Ware Artistry 
  • A Full Course Japanese Meal in Three Tiers
  • Small Plates with a Festive Feel
  • Featured Items

Key points of this table setting

1. Three tiers of Kutani Ware Artistry 

In the past, Jubako bento boxes were mainly square in shape and were made of wood coated with thicks coat of lustrous lacquer. Now, Jubako bento boxes come in various materials and various shapes. 

The main items for this Japanese table setting are the round three-tiered Jubako bento boxes, unique and beautifully crafted pieces of tableware made of Kutani ware. Each Jubako is colorfully decorated with classic Kutani ware designs.

The Jubako bento box with the full floral designs is in the Hanazume pattern where intricate floral designs are painted all across the sides of an item. Gold linings to the flowers add a feel of elegance to this classic design of Kutani ware.
The second Jubako is in a "Ishidatami (meaning stone path)," pattern from the Kokutani style. Small squares depicting path stones neatly decorate the surface and finer patterns fill the path stone squares. Another signature design that reflects the refined beauty of the overglaze enamel decorations of Kutani ware. 

2. A Full Course Japanese Meal in Three Tiers   

The three tiers provide enough space to serve an adequate amount of menus for a complete meal. 
Each tier has a sufficient amount of space to hold small plates to beautifully plate little portions of a variety of dishes. 
The first tier is used to serve sushi. Each tier has enough height to comfortably hold sushi and other dishes with height.

The second tier is filled with healthy Japanese style side dishes. A lightly flavored vegetable mix and a tofu mix are in small plates in floral shapes.  

Thin slices of beef are served as the main dish in the third tier.

Prepare all dishes ahead of time and plate them in the Jubako, just before your guest arrives.  
Jubako Bento boxes make serving  Japanese menus quick and easy.  

3. Small Plates with a Festive Feel  

Add to the festive feel with cute little side plates from Zuiho Kiln. The bright white shine of the matte-finished porcelain against the decorated Jubako bento boxes is uplifting and the metallic trimmings of silver and gold subtly  elevate the occasion.

Serve a celebratory Japanese meal in a beautiful three-tiered Jubako Bento box and grace your table with the elegant designs of luxurious Kutani ware. 

Featured items

Jubako Bento Boxes

Jubako bento boxes make dishes look more elegant, and create a sense of excitement when the lid is opened. Take a look at our selection of beautifully crafted Jubako bento boxes to create a refined and festive atmosphere on your table top. 

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Zuiho Kiln 

Zuiho Kiln was established in 1917. Having built a kiln in the Arita Sotoyama area, Zuiho Kiln has always felt the changes in the times. They have continued to produce original tableware for restaurants including traditional Japanese style restaurants, Ryotei. They also produce tableware that people can use in their everyday lives and that have warmth only felt in handmade products.   

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