Table Setting #103
Merriment at the Table with Unique Hasami Ware  

A meal served in the basic "Teishoku" style can become a real fun affair when you set the table with these unique tableware items from Kousai Kiln.
See how these stoneware plates and bowls can be used to serve a complete "Teishoku" meal, and how they can be matched with other chic and elegant table accessories. 


  • Unique Stoneware  
  • Setting the Table with a Mix-and-Match of Stoneware
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Key points of this table setting

1. Unique Stoneware 

The tableware items used for the individual servings and the large bowl is from Kousai Kiln, a kiln located in Hasami-cho in Nagasaki Prefecture. Unlike commonly known Hasami Ware, Kousai Kiln stands to create tableware  items with stoneware in unique designs. Well-crafted stoneware is decorated with hand painted traditional Japanese designs and patterns coated in a shiny coat of glaze. This technique makes a beautiful contrast of smoothness on the coarse texture of stoneware.
The designs are comforting and will bring warmth to your table.  

2. Setting the Table with a Mix-and-Match of Stoneware 

For this Teishoku style meal, we used a wooden tray to set all the items together for one person. The placement of each item is based on the "Ichiju-sansai" method of table setting. 
We matched the red color of the lacquer soup bowl with the handle of the chopstick. 

In line with the rustic feel of the stoneware from Kousai Kiln, we set a teapot from Hibino Pottery and a Shigaraki Ware flower vase to complete the setting on the table. 

3. What's on the Menu

For our Teishoku today, we served Japanese style fried chicken on the main plate, one the most popular menus for a Teishoku meal. The crispy and chunky coating of the chicken actually goes well the texture and design of the stoneware plate, and enhances the appetizing look of the fried chicken. On the side is a small serving of potato salad in a kobachi bowl also made by Kousai Kiln.

Having fun at the table is one of the most important elements when serving a tasty meal. A table set with these unique plates will surely add joy to your dining table and be the center of the conversation. 

Featured items

Kousai Kiln Playful Cat and Rabbit Series 

Kousai Kiln is located in Hasami-cho in Nagasaki Prefecture. The owner and master artisan, Hirohiko Umeno, produces pottery with a fusion of styles from different styles of Japanese stoneware and porcelain.The unique motifs of his works such as cats and rabbits with playful expressions make it fun to choose from a wide variety of pieces.

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