Table Setting #123
The Delicate Beauty of Sakura Pink Teaware

Enjoy the gentle and calm pink hues of sakura, also known as cherry blossoms, all year round with Arita teaware. Pink teaware can be a beautiful addition to any tea time and will grace your table with its soothing presence. 


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Key points of this table setting

1. Pink Shades of Sakura Blossoms   

This Arita ware teapot in sakura pink from Tasei Kiln is an adorable item with its shiny soft hue and gentle round curves. The sakura blossom on the lid is a three-dimensional ornament and is also the handle for the lid. Although sakura flowers herald the arrival of spring, they also can work as a motif to add sweetness to the table for all seasons. Enjoy the subtle difference in the shades of pink used for the surface of the teapot, the blossom on the lid and the blossoms on the teacups.

You can match this lovely teapot with teacups and plates that can also be used as a saucer. They are designed with sakura flowers on a lustrous surface glazed with a technique unique to Tasei Kiln. This shiny glaze gives the sakura flowers a vivid appearance. Your guests are sure to be amazed when they discover another blooming blossom appear when hot green tea is poured into their cups.

2. Matching with Pink Teaware 

To enhance the natural tone of the setting, we included items with distinct wooden textures and designs. As springtime quickly approaches, we recreated the atmosphere of a sakura tree by placing a wooden bento box, along with a tea canister and spoon crafted from cherry bark.

Silver is also another color that goes well with pink. Adding a dash of silver on moist and lustrous Echizen lacquerware to a pink themed table can lend the look and feel of artfulness.

Pink teaware can be used for a variety of occasions, such as a casual tea with friends or a formal tea party. Enjoy pink all year round for happy times at the table.

Featured Items

Tasei Kiln

Tasei Kiln has been producing Arita Ware in Saga Prefecture for many years. Their products bring color and enjoyment to our daily lives during the four seasons, and to the many dishes that decorate the dining table, sometimes brilliantly, sometimes chicly.

Tasei Kiln incorporates tradition and new techniques, making their pottery environmentally friendly. In the overglaze painting process, they use lead-free paints developed by Arita in consideration of safety. These products can be used comfortably and safely by everyone from small children to the elderly. Also, the popular design of the bond motif makes these products suitable as gifts for milestone celebrations, such as weddings and longevity celebrations.

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