Table Setting #164 
Japanese Plates in Autumnal Hues

Autumn has a unique way of stirring our appetites. In Japan, the joy of feasting on the season's bounties is celebrated as Shokuyoku no Aki, which translates to "Autumn Appetite." Vibrant vegetables and fruits, freshly harvested rice, and a selection of seasonal fish all serve to please our palate and delight our senses.

Today, our table is brimming with delectable dishes that showcase the season's offerings. These culinary delights not only satiate the stomach but also warm the heart. From the comforting allure of salmon rice to the artistic elegance of Imari designs, every detail invites you to savor the flavors of autumn.


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Key points of this table setting

1. Flavors of Fall

Autumn, renowned for its array of flavorsome ingredients, is anticipated by many, particularly enthusiasts of Japanese cuisine. What's more fitting than showcasing its bounties on tableware that mirrors the hues of this season, reflecting the changing landscapes of Japan?

For today's spread, we've served a full course of Japanese delicacies on exquisite plates curated from various regions of Japan, each capturing the very essence of fall.

As mesmerizing as the vibrant hues of changing foliage, these sizable plates command attention with their brilliance. The deep red Mino ware plate elegantly presents a selection of colorful appetizers, complemented by a persimmon cup brimming with a medley of vegetables. In contrast, the lustrous gold Arita plate provides the perfect backdrop for the grilled mackerel pike, a revered delicacy of the autumn season.

The matching gold-colored Arita bowl illuminates the stewed winter melon, enhancing its presentation. 

2. Timeless Imari Designs 

Marrying vivid hues with detailed motifs, plates with classic Imari designs are wonderful pieces for presenting mono-colored menus such as these fried seasonal mushrooms. These traditional patterns with gold touches always impress with their splendor and timeless allure. 

Embracing the rich legacy of the Imari design, this Japanese sake set brings a contemporary twist to time-honored patterns. With landscapes reminiscent of classic Japanese artistry, this sake set is a true blend of past and present.

3. The Donabe Finale

In Japanese cuisine, shime is cherished as the finishing staple. Today's shime features a sumptuous salmon rice prepared in a traditional Donabe clay pot. The vibrant orange of the salmon and fish roe strikingly stands out against the pot's deep navy, delivering both a heartwarming flavor and a visual treat.

Freshly made salmon rice can be enjoyed hot and fluffy right at the table when served with a Donabe pot. 

In every dish and design, we honor the beauty and richness of the season. Enjoy the colors of fall with beautiful Japanese tableware and culinary artistry in style. Bring autumn to your table!

Featured Items

Ginpo Kikka Banko Donabe Japanese Clay Pots

In 1932, Sutematsu Kumamoto, the first generation of the company, built a factory to realize high quality manufacturing that I can be satisfied with. In the midst of hardships and challenges, he listened to the voices of users and continued to develop earthenware pots that fit into people's lives. The "Kikka" series, completed through this history, continues to bring smiles to diners around the world.

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