Table Setting #190
Outdoor Matcha Tea Time in Spring

Enjoying matcha becomes an extra special affair beneath a sky brushed with the delicate pink of sakura blossoms. The vivid green of whisked matcha, the deep red of polished lacquerware, and the delicate hues of traditional Japanese desserts together create an unforgettable moment.


  • Fine Japanese Teaware in Full Bloom
  • Sakura Sweets in a Jubako Bento Box
  • Featured Item

Key points of this table setting

1. Fine Japanese Teaware in Full Bloom

Experience the unique joy of sipping frothy matcha in this lavish outdoor setting. As sakura petals gently fall, the warmth from the bowl connects you to centuries of tea tradition. The gloss of the lacquer and the texture of pieces made of wood enhance the ambiance of the gathering, drawing you closer to the serene beauty of nature.

Bowls from Kyoto illuminate our setting with their tender floral designs. Cherry blossoms bloom on the sides of this matcha bowl from Tanaka Toubou, each petal hand-painted with skill and care. The stoneware's heft allows you to revel in the comfort of freshly prepared tea. 

Authentic accessories facilitate the preparation of tea with ceremonial reverence. Essentials such as the natsume matcha container, chasen matcha whisk, and chashaku tea scoop are elegantly framed by the charm of a cherry bark work tray.

2. Sakura Sweets in a Jubako Bento Box

Amidst the sakura splendor, a beautifully lacquered Jubako bento box adds elegance and practicality, ideal for carrying desserts that elevate the rich flavors of matcha. This Echizen lacquerware Jubako, adorned with bold, eye-catching maki-e designs, radiates under the natural light, its dual-polished surface highlighting the gourd motif and mirroring the delicate beauty of the nearby blossoms.

As you lift the lid of the Jubako to reveal layers of desserts such as wagashi and seasonal fruit, your open-air get-together ascends to new heights.

Serve these treats to your guests on a magewappa round plate, perfectly complementing the grace of the occasion along with an Aizu lacquerware dessert fork.

After thoroughly relishing an outdoor tea gathering, our time under this year's blossoms came to an end. But as the season for outings continues, we hope you, too, will pack your favorite pieces and venture out to craft your own exquisite experience of tranquility and delight with matcha. 

Featured Item

YAMAKYU Golden Gourd Echizen Lacquerware Three Tiers Jubako Bento Box  

Founded in 1930 in the Echizen lacquerware region, YAMAKYU Japanware Co. is dedicated to preserving traditional lacquerware techniques while adapting them to modern lifestyles. The company collaborates with diverse experts, embracing new technologies and materials, and revitalizes local culture and economy through community projects and nurturing young craftspeople. Expanding globally, YAMAKYU focuses on overseas markets with workshops and pop-up events in Europe and the USA.

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