Table Setting #75
Changing seasons with yellow plates and bowls from MERU’s Flamenco Series

As the days start to get shorter, you find yourself crossing your arms for warmth from the slight chill you feel in the air. The big change from summer to autumn is on its way which means it’s time to get out the earth colored napkins and tablecloths and stoneware table items to get ready for the new season. Decorate your table with MERU’s yellow warm tableware to enjoy the season of brilliant foliage and vivid-colored produces.


  • Autumn yellow
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Key points of this table setting

1. Autumn yellow

The tablescape of the round yellow plate against the purple tablecloth is reminiscent of the full moon on a quiet night in the autumn season. Yellow might remind you of sassy sunflowers waving under the bright sun on a hot summer day, but the yellow for these Meru plates have a slightly calmer tone. The deep-carmel colored edges and speckles of iron powder enhance the rustic and earthy look of the stoneware. You can feel the warmth of the texture which is just what you would want on a cool autumn night. These yellow plates are perfect items on the table to celebrate the abundance of fall with style. 

2. The menu 

For this meal we prepared a Japanese style hamburg steak with grated daikon(Japanese radish) and finely cut shiso with a soy sauce glaze that matches the color of the edges. As these plates are flat and have a sturdy thickness, a large cut of meat or a grilled piece of fish would also work well with this main plate. In the yellow bowl are pickled cucumbers to refresh your taste buds in between bites of the hamburg steak. Peeled grapes and neatly cut apple wedges are served on the MERU side plate. We served fresh Japanese confectioneries on the Toyoda Woodcraft Shipppou Kanuma Kumiko Long Tray for dessert, but dainty macaroons or mini-cupcakes with icing would also go well with this finely crafted tray.

3. Details to upgrade your table

Add some items to upgrade the mood of the table from the daily norm to something special. We draped a Nishijin weave table runner across the shorter length of the table and placed an Ash Ring Shigaraki Ware Ikebana Flower Vase with momiji leaves(Japanese maple) to add an extra touch of fall to the tablescape. 

We used the Shirochibu Kutani Japanese tea cups with painted golden flowers to add a bit of pattern to the chic style and the Hibino Carbonated Ginsai Checkered Mino Ware Plate to give height and display simple fried wedge potatoes. 

Sometimes we get so busy that seasons just whiz by. Whether it be with a friend or a family member, taking time to enjoy a meal and the changing of seasons can be good for the mind and the body. Let these warm bright plates from MERU remind you of the warmth and abundance of the fall season. 

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MERU was launched in 2022 as a new brand of Mino ware, known as the number one stoneware production area in Japan. MERU's tableware is suitable for professional use, and while it has the colors and shapes of traditional Japanese tableware underneath, it is simple and modern, suitable for all kinds of food.

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