13 April 2023

An Exploratory Day Spent with Furoshiki Wrapping Cloths

Furoshiki are traditional Japanese wrapping cloths said to have been invented in the Muromachi period (c. 1336-1573). They were primarily used by feudal lords who would wrap a change of clothes after they bathed. The furoshiki during this time were decorated with family crests as a way to know whose clothing belonged to whom.

Today furoshiki are used to wrap gifts, carry goods, and are even folded into bags. The cloth is usually made of cotton or silk, and often features a variety of patterns and designs.

From authentic to casual, furoshiki can add a bit of style to your day to day! Here we will introduce our MUSUBI KILN art director, Umehara-san's experience using various furoshiki from morning to night.


  • Morning: Meal Prep
  • Noon: Stylish Gym Bag
  • Evening: Quick Errand Runs

Morning: Meal Prep

Lunch bags can be a drag to carry, and take up a lot of space. A great alternative when packing a lunch for an outing or the office are light and thin furoshiki wrapping cloths! On top of its functionality, the vibrant colors and designs add a personal touch and a bit of cheerfulness.

What's more, furoshiki are environmentally friendly, due to their reusability and transportability. The wrapping cloths are a wonderful way to invite some sustainability into your life, and Haruka-san was very pleased with the selection process.

I had a blast choosing which furoshiki to wrap my lunch in! I really enjoyed selecting my favorite from the furoshiki collection with a range of designs to choose from and subtle differences between the texture and thickness of materials. I tried a bunch and found that the thinner cloth made wrapping my bento box easier.

The Cat and Ball of Wool Furoshiki Wrapping Cloth was the winning choice, not only because of its adorable and mischievous pattern, but also due to its lightness and the easy-to-wash material. This furoshiki is 100% cotton, enabling you to wash it either by hand or in the washing machine.

Although I made lunch for myself, this furoshiki would be great to wrap my children's bento boxes as it makes for easy clean up! I also found that the method of wrapping is really simple, and that I wouldn't mind it even on the busiest and groggiest of mornings!

As it turns out, all you have to do is place it in the middle, and tie all of the corners together. If you want to add a handle for further portability, you can tie single knots on the two opposing corners of the cloth instead!

Another perk of this furoshiki is that it takes up less space than a standard lunch bag–making it easy to carry around in your day bag. All in all, I was happy with my morning and optimistic about using furoshiki for the rest of the day.

Noon: Stylish Gym Bag

Inspired by the feudal lords of the Muromachi period, Umehara-san decided to up the challenge by wrapping her tennis wear in a furoshiki! Furoshiki come in all shapes and sizes, and some even have antibacterial properties that make carrying clothes to and from the outdoors hassle-free.

For my gym bag, I chose the large, Navy Lily Furoshiki Wrapping Cloth from the Aqua Drop series– cotton furoshiki that are water-repellent, stain-resistant, quick-drying, and highly heat-resistant! Although large in size, I liked how thin and silky this furoshiki was, and how I could fold it compactly and carry it around without it creasing. The silkiness of the material also made it easy to tie, and I was able to try out a couple different tying styles.

The furoshiki acted as a great multifunctional item! I was able to use the furoshiki as a sheet when enjoying my bento, to wrap my workout clothes in and for carrying around my tennis racket! I found this very useful for enjoying an outdoor activity after work without having to lug around multiple bags.

As I discovered more and more ways to use the furoshiki, I became curious as to how water resistant it was. I was very surprised to find that I could use the furoshiki almost like a pail, carrying water to and from the tennis court! This is also a testament to its functionality as a gym bag, as it absorbs any sweat and water easily. Moreover, it's great for various outdoor situations such as when at the beach, park, or even camping!

After an afternoon spent with the navy lily furoshiki wrapping cloth, it was obvious that it was a transformative item that could be used for a range of different purposes. Depending on how it's tied, furoshiki can be used as a gym bag, a tennis racket case, or even a pail!

Evening: Quick Errand Runs

As the day was nearing its end, Haruka-san decided to do some last-minute grocery shopping! Out of our selection of furoshiki, she chose the Aqua Drop Flower Bed Furoshiki Wrapping Cloth.

I chose this furoshiki because it's thin, easy-to-fold, and wrinkle-resistant. I also love the bold use of red and orange, and the cheerful design. It's the perfect size for a shopping bag! 

In addition to its attractive design, this large furoshiki can be folded compactly and put in your pocket like a handkerchief. I found it was easy to carry around and didn't take up too much space. It offers a range of options when it comes to tying and transforming it into a bag. After trying out some different styles, I found that the furoshiki was able to support the weight of bulky groceries, and served just as well as a traditional shopping bag!

Depending on how you tie the furoshiki, I was happy to find out that I could close the top part, preventing any of the groceries from falling out. Furoshiki make a wonderful addition to any wardrobe or shelf, and collecting them enables you to choose one according to your mood.

In conclusion, Haruka-san found that the furoshiki proved successful in its grocery-carrying.

After spending a day with a furoshiki, Haruka-san was very impressed with their versatility and functionality. Not only are they beautiful and stylish, but they are a convenient aid in completing day-to-day chores and activities. We hope this article inspires you to get creative and invite furoshiki into your day!

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