22 March 2024

Japanese Vases for Spring

As the windows of flower shops begin to glow with warmer, soft hues, the world awakens to the first whispers of spring. Is there a better way to embrace this season of renewal than by bringing its beautiful blooms into your living spaces?

Browse through our curated collection of Japanese vases, showcasing a spectrum from time-honored designs to modern minimalism. Fill them with the fresh flowers of spring, introducing a burst of vernal beauty right by your side. 


  • Arita Porcelain Lab Yazaemon Somenishiki Rock Flower Bird Flower Vase
  • ALART Aluminum TWIST Single Flower Vase
  • Green Ring Shigaraki Ware Small Flower Vase
  • Sakura and Sparrow Kutani Japanese Flower Vase
  • Gold Wave Pattern Shigaraki Ware Flower Vase

Arita Porcelain Lab Yazaemon Somenishiki Rock Flower Bird Flower Vase

This Arita porcelain vase, meticulously painted with a bouquet of flowers using the vibrant somenishiki technique, instantly draws the eye. This standout design includes the artfully depicted plum blossoms, with branches that dance gracefully, and peonies, whose petals are so delicately shaped.

This vase truly shines when paired with the lively, tall blooms of spring or the elegant stature of lilies. It's a vase that celebrates the beauty of spring, perfectly complementing the natural grace of larger, eye-catching blooms. An ideal piece for a mantle or a table in your entrance. 

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ALART Aluminum TWIST Single Flower Vase

Aluminum has never been more elegant and artistic than with the ALART Aluminum TWIST Single Flower Vase. Featuring an intertwining aluminum ribbon frame with a small glass bottle at its heart, this vase was selected by MoMA, the Museum of Modern Art in New York for its captivating design and impeccable craftsmanship.

This silver splendor adds a spring lightness to where it is placed and is the perfect vessel for highlighting the linear beauty of flowers such as sweet peas or freesias. 

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Green Ring Shigaraki Ware Small Flower Vase

This Shigaraki ware vase carries a charm with its ring shape, seamlessly blending a smooth green glaze and the rustic feel of stoneware. With its mouth slightly shifted to the right of the ring, the vase allows for the elegant arrangement of curvy stems and leaves. Lovingly named Blue Fragrance, these perennial sweet peas freely flow onto a table top.

Perfectly suited for lovers of chado, this vase cultivates an ambiance of quiet refinement and understated beauty. And the discovery of the small floral imprints brings a moment of heartwarming delight.

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Sakura and Sparrow Kutani Japanese Flower Vase

This Kutani ware gem, with its enchanting display of cherry blossoms draping down its box-like silhouette, captures the very essence of spring. It presents a sleek, straight-edged haven for branches or stems to stretch elegantly like these dainty cherry blossom branches. 

Within its floral cascade, a pair of sparrows chirp with joy, heralding the arrival of a new season. Ideal as an eye-catching centerpiece or a meaningful gift, this vase brings happiness and comfort, ensuring the renewing spirit of spring fills every part of a home.

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Gold Wave Pattern Shigaraki Ware Flower Vase

This Shigaraki ware vase, tall and slender, offers an air of understated elegance with its subtle white and glitter mix. The rustic charm of the white glaze over clay is enhanced by a wavy pattern on one side, decorated with gold glaze for an exquisite finish.

Display a few simple tulips to highlight their inherent beauty, whether on a light wooden table for a crisp aesthetic or a dark table for bold contrast. This vase adds texture and a sense of serenity, magnifying the natural elegance of its floral content.

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Cradle the newborn beauty of nature with Japanese vases that whisper of handcrafted warmth and delicate detail. Honor the grace of spring blooms and welcome the fresh seasonal transition with gratitude.

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